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Aboriginal Art Centre is a leading Online Gallery in Alice Springs NT Australia offering the highest quality Aboriginal Paintings also known as Australian Aboriginal Art.

We specialize in Aboriginal Paintings and Aboriginal Art by Artists from the Central Desert and the Western Desert. Our involvement with Indigenous Australians of the Desert dates back 29 years.

The Australian Aboriginal Artwork offered at our online gallery is mainly obtained from artists living in communities such as YUENDIMY UTOPIA Kiwirrkurra WA, the APY lands and Kimberly’s. We supply galleries and art lovers throughout Australia as well as overseas clients with paintings by indigenous painters some of which have been painted in our gallery in the main street of Alice Springs by an artist calling in from outlying communities and the APY lands, or some which we have obtained during our travel THROUGHOUT NORTHERN TERRITORY AND BEYOND.’

As an Online Art Gallery without large or impressively fitted showrooms and low overheads, we offer Aboriginal Artwork, at affordable prices. Many Art Galleries in other parts of Australia and Overseas purchase our authentic high-quality Aboriginal Artworks for resale at upmarket prices in their showrooms. Visitors to Alice Springs are invited to contact us to view Indigenous Art in our Studios.

We work closely with Aboriginal Artists in their Communities in the Australian Centre and here in Alice Springs. Aboriginal Painters from these communities supply us with their Aboriginal Art. To maintain communication with isolated Outposts we constantly visit the Australian Outback in order to deliver authentic quality Indigenous Art painted by an Indigenous Artist in Aboriginal Communities in the Central Desert and Western Desert of Australia. All Aboriginal Paintings are sold in their original condition as purchased from internationally renowned Artists. In this way, we assure our buyers who wish to
 Buy Art Online that they are buying Paintings created by Australian Aboriginals.

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  • Aboriginal Art Centre Art Galleries Photo
  • Aboriginal Art Centre Art Galleries Photo
  • Aboriginal Art Centre Art Galleries Photo
  • Aboriginal Art Centre Art Galleries Photo

Online gallery specializing in paintings by Australian Aboriginal Artists from the Central and Western Deserts.

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If you require more information please phone +61414756841 or visit our website. All profile related content remains the sole property of Aboriginal Art Centre.

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