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About Us

About Advanced Facials
Alla Falco has over 15 years experience in Cosmetic Medicine and specializes in facial rejuvenation techniques.

Alla graduated in medicine in 1992 and has since become one of Adelaide's leading specialists of non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments.

Using her extensive knowledge and expert skills Alla can advise and plan treatments covering all aspects of facial rejuvenation using latest techniques and devices.

Most Popular Treatments & Procedures:
LASER BIOREVITALIZATION is a cutting edge facial treatment that reduces skin biological age by introducing hyaluronic acid into the dermis with help of athermic laser.
Key Benefits:
- Increased hydration of face, neck & decolletage
- Improvement of skin texture and elasticity
- Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
- Minimized pores

ELECTROPARATION will be greatly beneficial in targeting the following issues:
- Fine wrinkles around eyes
- Dehydrated skin
- Skin damaged by cosmetic surgeries, chemical peels & dermabrasion
- Acne in adults and teenagers
- Broken and dilated capillaries

ULTRASONIC EXFOLIATION helps to reduce layer of dry cells and prepares skin for getting more benefits from skin care routine.
Key benefits:
- Unclogs & minimized pores
- Removal of dead skin cells
- No pain and no mechanical squeezing involved in the procedure
- Ultrasonic facial massage stimulates cell regeneration and lymph circulation

Other facial procedures that will make you look beautiful:
Bio-mechanical Face Dermotony ($50)
Lymphatic Drainage ($50)
Biomechanical stimulation for face, neck and decolletage ($50)
Microdermabrasion ($50)
Cosmetic Electrotherapy ($50)
Chiroplastic facial massage ($50)

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