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SEO or Search Engine Optimization can seem very daunting & there is many aspects to it. But in this century it is also a crucial part to any businesses marketing! With everything moving online these days, having an online presence is vital. But what is the point in having an amazing website, if nobody see’s it? That’s where SEO comes in.

At 1800 SEO we aim to take the hassle out of SEO for you, so you can focus on working in your business and we can focus on growing your business. Our key focus is for you to get the best ROI (Return on Investment). This is why we offer a 90 day guarantee, so if your not getting results you don’t pay until you do! Also want to show our customers how their investment in SEO has a very strong ROI.
Recent Customer Experience 
Let’s look at the below recent customer experience to understand how SEO helped one of our clients:

Steven came to us wanting to promote his electrical business, he didn’t have a large budget & was concerned about paying $495 a month. So we did a value calculation to work out his ROI. Currently Steven was getting about 100 visits to his site per month, together we estimated that he should be able get around 500 visits per month within a year of SEO, based on what his closest competitors site traffic was. Steven advised his current conversion rate of people who visited his site that requested a quote was about 10 %. Then of those that requested a quote he converted about 33% into customers. He also advised his average customer spent about $500.
 Previous Results (No SEO)        New Results (With SEO)Visits per month100500Conversion to Leads (10%)1050Conversions to customers (33%)3.316.6Total revenue ($500 average sale)$1,650 p/m$8,300 p/mMinus cost of SEO ($395)$1,650 p/m$7,805 p/m

One thing we haven’t calculated is….. REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

Most business never serve a customer only once, especially if the have done a good job. We asked Steven what his retention rate was of a customer and he advised that he keeps about 60% of his customers for an average of 5 years.

So not only in the month does he get that customer for that year, he will get that customer for 4 more years.

Year one   ($7,805 p/m x 12 months) =  $93,660 year total

Year two ($15,610 p/m x 12 months) = $187,320 year total

Year three ($23,415 p/m x 12 months) = $280,980 year total

Year four ($31,220 p/m x 12 months) = $374,640 year total

Year five ($39,025 p/m x 12 months) = $468,300 year total

As you can see effective SEO can really pay off! Steven was able to grow his business from turning over $19,800 in his first year, to turning over $468,300 per year, purely from his SEO marketing.

1800 SEO - Internet Services In Brooklyn Park
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