3 Ways That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking
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3 Ways That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking

Your SERP - How Social Media Helps

It is usually well known that Social Media links are 'no follow'. This means that it you Tweet 1 million times just for the sake of it, you won't necessarily get to number one on Google, at least not directly.

However, it is possible that those 1 million tweets actually COULD contribute to you getting to number one on Google...How?

Consider 3 ways that Social Media can improve your SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position):

1/ Traffic - It is well known that Google does prioritise sites that receive the most traffic, after all, if they do receive a lot of hits they must be important, right? So, if your Social Media posts result in a lot of clicks through to your site, this can actually help improve your Google ranking.

2/ Brand Awareness - If you saw a Coke logo on a hot day, would you be more, or less likely to buy one? For those who are your normal Joe or Josephine Public, you would be more likely to buy a Coke if you saw a Coke logo on a hot day.

In a similar way, your brand, if plastered all over Social Media will increase awareness and result in more traffic to your site. The principle is that every one sees a logo for Dave's Cars. This logo has positive reinforcement, in that with the logo comes a great offer. This logo is viewed multiple times by a consumer. One day, the consumer decides to buy a new car, who do you think he will visit online first? That's right! Dave's Cars!

3/ Links - Whilst 'no follow' links don't pass 'link juice' to the site, authoritative sites will have a lot of links, both 'do follow' and 'no follow'. This increases the authority of the site, and the subsequent ranking. In addition, Social Media links will obviously make it more likely that someone will click, thereby, again, increasing traffic to your site.

Yes, Social Media does benefit your SERP, it just achieves this indirectly. For great Social Media profiles, visit SeattleWeb.

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