5 Tell-tale Signs Your Company Needs Professional IT Support

5 Tell-tale Signs Your Company Needs Professional IT Support

Every business develops a trusted way of doing things, and that can be good for a while until it isn't. The problem is that it can be difficult to determine when a change becomes necessary. Take for instance the state of your IT systems and infrastructure. When your employees are doing their own troubleshooting and antiquated software and hardware are still working, the idea of partnering with a managed IT service provider doesn't even cross your mind.

But change must come eventually, otherwise, your business will fall behind. Transition too soon, however, and you could be spending money on support and technology you don't yet need. So when should you get professional IT support for your business?

Here are five clear signs that say that time is now:

  1. When IT problems are too difficult

There comes a time when even the most user-friendly hardware and software becomes unfriendly. Network overloads, hardware crashes, failed backups, and Cryptolockers are all examples of issues that your team may not have the know-how to fix on their own. In times like these, only professional IT support can help you.

If these types of issues are occurring in your business, ask yourself if you would benefit from a managed IT service that provides 24/7 monitoring and proactively maintains your systems?

2. When you're spending too much time-solving IT problems

If it isn't trying to solve internet connectivity problems, it's trying to fix a computer or printer problem. Is this eating up the valuable time your employees are supposed to be spending doing actual work that makes you money? The more time they spend troubleshooting, or even worse, doing nothing because their computer has crashed, the more billable hours you're losing. Get back those hours by getting reliable IT support. They'll focus on the IT problems so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

3. When IT problems cause even bigger problems

A malfunctioning printer may not be an issue when you're just printing the everyday office memo. But when it's time to hand over a printed copy of that extremely important report, that malfunctioning printer could just cost you your job or a client. That flaky internet connection could cause delays in communication that prompt clients to contact your competitors and you lose their business. When IT problems start to cause loss of business and clients, then you definitely need support.

4. When you're ready to get an upgrade for your business, but don't know where to start

Software and hardware need to be upgraded in order to give you the best performance and consequently, boost your productivity. But if it's an upgrade you don't need, then you might as well be throwing money away. To avoid purchasing the wrong upgrades and get the most suitable packages for your business, you need the expert advice of an IT professional.

5. When the future of your business is at risk

Back when your business was just starting out, keeping important files in check may have been a simple task. But now that you have a hard drive full of important documents like contracts, client information, research, financial reports and the like, keeping these files safe and secure becomes a matter of the highest priority. IT professionals can help safeguard this data which is vital to your operations, and make sure that whatever happens—whether your hard drive crashes or there's a breach in security—there's a Disaster Recovery Plan in place that will keep your business afloat.

If your business is faced with any of these situations, it's time to turn to a reliable and experienced Managed IT support company like Soma IT.

Soma IT provides comprehensive IT management plans to proactively manage your IT infrastructure, services and support. To stay a step ahead of the competition it is vital that you have the correct tools and procedures in place to run your business effectively and efficiently.

If you would like further information or would like to discuss your current IT management and support requirements, please give SomaIT a ring today.


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