7 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Like New
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7 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

As a car owner, whether you bought brand new or used, deep down you know you want your car to look like new for as long as possible.

Perhaps, you intend to trade in the vehicle or sell in the future; but, regardless of what your reasons are you probably know, the chances of getting a fair deal is slim if the car is not properly taken care of.

So, to help you ensure your car stays looking as though you just drove it out of the garage, we have outlined 7 things you can do to maintain your car’s beauty.
A full detail work with a wax coat
When they drive your car out of the showroom, it sparkling clean. As expected, most motor dealers provide basic detailing for recently acquired vehicles.

But the problem is, you do not really know the quality of the wax-work. So, to be sure, bring the car to a trusted detailer to rework the wax which will help prolong the new look of your vehicle.
Protect your car’s interior
While you take steps to extend the car’s exterior new look, you should not forget to also care for the interior.

Nothing screams “old and tired” like a cracked and faded car seat upholstery and dried out dashboard.

So, you may want to consider installing seat covers immediately after purchasing the car, this way, you can preserve the shiny brand-new look of the seat.

Also, since you can easily take off the cover, it makes cleaning seats pretty straightforward.

For the dashboard and other rubber, vinyl, and plastic interior parts, be sure to rub down with protectant products in order to minimize the effects of aging and sun damage.
Detail the interior too
On caring for the interior of the car, simple regular chores of vacuuming the carpets and cleaning go a long way in keeping the new feel of your car.

For big family vehicles, pay closer attention to how you clean around the baby car seat, as grimes, sand and tiny pieces of debris could be stuck underneath your little one’s seat. Remove the side periodically and clean under the seat, you will be amazed at the amount of rubbish can gather there.
Be mindful of where you park
One quick way to turn your once new car into an old beat is to park under direct sunlight for extended periods.

One, the UV radiation from the sun will over time breakdown your car’s top coating. Two, your car will gradually take on a dull, faded look.

Also, leaving your car under the elements exposes it to bird droppings which are not only unsightly but corrosive.

Hence, you may want to consider parking your car under shade for quick runs. If you intend parking for extended periods, use car covers or park in a carport.
Immediately wipe off bird droppings
As mentioned earlier, bird droppings are corrosive to the car paint. What you might not be aware of is that any kind of animal excrement can be damaging to the car’s top coating.

And, when left for a while, these droppings can cause irreversible damage that can only be repaired by a professional. So, you may want to wash bird droppings and other animal excrements off the car as soon as possible.
Avoid washing your car with automated car wash with a swirling brush
Sure enough, you want your car looking clean. However, what you might not be aware of is that automated car wash especially those with swirling brush damages the car paint.

As the brush swirls and works over the car body, it scratches the paint off which could over time lead to rust. Be wary of high-pressured handless wash too.

The best way to wash your car is to use soft clean sponges and using mild cleaning agents that are not acidic.
Touch up scratches as soon as they appear
Granted, as long as the car is on the road, it will pick up a couple of scratches here and there. However, what you may not want to do is to ignore those scratches as they could lead to more serious problems like rust.

So, be sure to patch up the scrapes with sealant and paint over with the right colour to maintain your vehicle's appearance.

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