Are You Speaking To a Qualified SEO Specialist?

Are You Speaking To a Qualified SEO Specialist?

Do you sometimes leave a conversation with Melbourne based SEO company more confused? Well this is because most companies cannot afford to have a fully qualified team of engineers who specialize in SEO. They employ a sales team who have a few weeks training to get the basics of the SEO slang and then sell it to people who know nothing about it. So, from the point of view of the customer they come across knowledgeable. But its takes years to become qualified as an engineer who can explain SEO and its works.

So a company is expecting you to spend money with them but you do not understand the full concept of SEO and how it works. It’s not the salesperson fault they cannot go into detail because they do not have the knowledge or have had any hands on skills with search engine optimization. That is why your first point of contact with all the leading SEO companies in Melbourne will be with an Engineer this is something that Gossip Web design Melbourne prides itself on.

A leading digital agency should have no skeletons in the closet meaning nothing should be hidden from the client. The client should leave the conversation understanding the full works of SEO and how it will benefit them. Having a qualified engineer speaking to the customers is what all professional companies do. Usually the cost of having engineers work in house of an agency is very expensive so you can understand why companies employ a full team of salespeople and outsource the work overseas. Any to SEO agency based in Melbourne will have in house engineers working on the campaigns now this is really expensive to do but all top agencies who get top results for their clients have this set up.

The benefits of the customer speaking to a qualified engineer who has worked hands on in the industry and studied this for so many years is that all your questions can get answered. You will have a clear picture in your head of how SEO will work for your website. At you will always speak to one of our fully qualified engineers who will answer all your questions.

If you are sick and have a really bad case of the flu you make an appointment to see a doctor who is qualified and will give you the right medication to get better, If you arrived at the clinic and they said to you that you are having your appointment with the receptionist who will look over you and give you pointers on how to get better knowing that they cannot prescribe you medication and treat you, would you be happy? So why should a SEO company based in Melbourne be any different. You need to speak to a qualified engineer to get the right prognosis for your case.