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Banner Signage

Banner Signage

LJ Signs stock two Banner types; Vinyl Banner with full colour digital print and brass eyelets, Roll-up (Retractable) Banner with full colour digital print and carry bag.

Vinyl banner signage gets your message out there across many different platforms. For instance, imagine the use of large, eye-catching banners in such applications as band backdrops, special events, photo shoots, building sites or fencing. In addition, smaller banners for special promotions, shop sales, sporting events, local markets, school events are a smart and effective way to promote your message.

Vinyl banners are an affordable way to get your message to your target market. They can be used time and time again for any event or in any range of locations. Displayed in the right place with maximum vision for example, oncoming traffic or pedestrians can provide a great return on your marketing investment. Collect different banners to display different sales, specials or promotions, year in year out. This will keep clients on the lookout for your banners at certain times of the year, creating an extremely effective advertising campaign for your business.

Vinyl banners are ready for use and can be hung anywhere. Our Vinyl Banners are easy to transport and set up with excellent print quality to really get your business noticed.

The Roll-up Banner also known as Retractable Banner or Pull-up Banner.   This is a step up from your basic digitally printed vinyl banner.   Extremely effective for eye-catching display at your next expo or trade show and the Roll-up Banner signage is excellent to highlight a point of sale location in a retail store.  Roll up banners can be used for many varied business applications, such as a conference, training activities or customer displays.   Rollup Banners ensure a great return on your marketing investment as they are long lasting and have endless advertising and promotional possibilities.

Printed on full block-out material that will not crease so your banner remains in perfect condition year after year. Each Roll-up Banner comes with full colour digitally printed graphics and padded carry bag for easy transportation. Eye catching and cost effective, our Roll-Up Banners are easy to set up, compact for transporting and display excellent print quality to really get your business noticed.