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Beat the Vandals with Anti-Graffiti Coating

You’ve just got to work and found that the graffiti artists have attacked again. If you know just how hard and how expensive it is to have the graffiti removed, you’ve probably gone looking for other options to help stop the time and expense of dealing with this issue.  Epoxy Flooring Perth has the experience and knowledge on applying anti-graffiti coatings to a variety of buildings, helping to prevent graffiti issues in the future.

Graffiti removal tops $1 billion each year in Australia, and sadly graffiti issues around Perth don’t seem to be slowing down, with commercial and industrial buildings regularly the target. As a business owner, you know that this graffiti is often crude and generally ugly, turning customers away from visiting your premises, and potentially costing you money and hurting your brand.

Removing it is expensive both in the products needed to remove it, and in the man hours used to clean it up. Removal of graffiti involves scrubbing the paint off the walls (which can take hours) and then repainting the building. The frustrating part for many business owners is that there is no guarantee you won’t turn up to work next week and the same thing has happened again.

You can use as many deterrents as you want – signs, fences, cameras, security – and it’s disappointing to know that may graffiti artists wilfully ignore these them.

The solution? An anti-graffiti coating from Epoxy Flooring Perth.

Anti-graffiti coating can be applied to a range of wall materials including:
  • Limestone
  • Tilt up panels
  • Rammed earth walls
  • Clay brick
  • Cladding
  • Retaining walls
  • Sound walls
An anti-graffiti coating helps reduce the stress of turning up to work and finding a graffiti covered building. The coating essentially provides a material that graffiti just doesn’t stick to; it prevents the paint bonding with your walls allowing for easier removal using a soft solvent or just water instead of scrubbing for hours with heavy solvents that don’t always remove the paint.

Why an Anti-Graffiti Coating?

Other than having the worry of turning up every day to find your property vandalised, there are some other reasons property owners look at using an anti-graffiti coating on their buildings, including:
  • Wanting a protective coating without having to see it
  • Wanting to reduce the costs involved in removing graffiti that could be best spent elsewhere in your business
  • Wanting some additional protection from dirt and grime to your building (an anti-graffiti coating makes general cleaning easier)
  • Needing to have something flexible where the coating can be removed if you need to change the colour of your building
  • Minimal OH & S risk during the removal of graffiti from your building (some solvents can be quite unhealthy to be working around)
Types of Anti-Graffiti Coating

The best anti-graffiti coatings are those that are invisible to the naked eye. There are two different types of coatings – sacrificial coatings and permanent coatings.

Sacrificial coatings are applied to the wall surface and is essentially removed when the graffiti is applied. A sacrificial coating is a clear barrier over the chosen surface; when graffiti is removed using a high-pressure cleaner, the coating is removed as well. A new coating can then be applied. This type of coating is generally less expensive to apply.  

Permanent coatings prevent the graffiti from adhering to the surface and make it extremely easy to clean. They tend to be more expensive, but if installed correctly, they won’t need to be reapplied. With a permanent coating, it is much easier to clean off any graffiti, and the protective coating remains in place and undamaged.

There is also a semi-sacrificial coating that can be used that is reapplied every second time you have a graffiti attack. Any graffiti can be removed using a graffiti removal solvent and high-pressure cleaner.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Coating

There are plenty of benefits to installing an anti-graffiti coating on your commercial or industrial building, including:
  • Reducing the risk of staining from graffiti paint
  • Minimising cost and time in removing graffiti
  • Protecting your building
  • Peace of mind that the graffiti can be removed quickly and easily
If you’re looking for a solution to the graffiti that keeps turning up on your commercial or industrial building, an anti-graffiti coating is a great place to start.

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