Benefits of Exhibiting at a Trade Show

Benefits of Exhibiting at a Trade Show

When confronted by that oft tabled question: ‘Why should I exhibit at a trade show?’ I’m always tempted to reply, ‘Why the heck wouldn’t you exhibit at a trade show!’. Because, separate to my decade long experience in SEO and the web, I’ve also been fortunate to have extensive experience with high-level business events, having produced and sold everything from three hall Trade Shows at Darling Harbour to conferences, congresses, product launches, website launches, film festivals and international speaker tours. And, while I will always push people toward spending their marketing dollars on SEO and internet marketing (due it having the broadest reach), when it comes to face to face selling, I can – with my hand on my heart – quite honestly say that trade shows are the single best form of face to face marketing a company can do. Period.

Think this is too bold a claim? Well think again!

Imagine if you will, a world where hundreds or even thousands of potential clients COME TO YOU, and all your sales staff have to do is show up to demonstrate your products and services and gather business cards like manna from heaven. That’s right, let your imagination run rampant for a moment and picture with me this fairytale land of milk and honey. A place where lead generation is so blissfully simple, that it’s harder to not find an interested buyer than it is to actually find one. 

Sound too good to be true?  Well it’s not…


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