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Child Psychologist Gold Coast

What are some common reason your child might need a counselling?

Counselling can help your child work through the biggest of life’s problems including grief, trauma, or relationship issues. A counsellor, however, can also tackle learning difficulties and aid children suffering from ADHD, difficult behaviour, or ones struggling to develop healthy social skills. Once a child reaches adolescents, depression, anxiety, and stress start appearing which are better tackled with a set of skills laid out by a licensed therapist. If your child has suffered a severe injury or illness, they may also benefit from regular conversations with a neutral party outside of their family.

Does divorse or Other Big changes Affect my Child?

Apart from the normal scrapes and sores from the playground, puberty and growing up, occurrences such as divorce, moving schools, or the death of a family member can all be catalysts in your child’s unhappiness. Counselling sessions will help identify the causes and provide your child with the opportunity to openly communicate about their concerns and aid their understanding of the situation. Identifying concerns and troubled behaviour early can benefit both parents and the child to steer clear of paths including self-harm, substance abuse, bullying, or isolation.

The right counsellor for your child

When trying to find the right counsellor for your child, it is important to meet their needs and find someone they are comfortable with. Some children may be averse to trying therapy, so easing them in slowly and listening to their needs is key.

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