Clean nail salon St Kilda - Health is First

Clean nail salon St Kilda - Health is First

Health is First.

 5 Red Flags That Your Nail Salon Isn’t Hygienic Enough.

You should be proactive about making sure you're safe. Read how to learn smart steps you can easily take to make sure your next nail appointment will be hygienic and healthy.

1. First, do a visual cleanliness check.

Does the salon look spotless? It should. Clean surfaces are indicative of good hygiene practices overall. So no grime on countertops, no streaky mirrors, not even the tiniest stray nail clipping should be visible. Head into the ladies' room and make sure it looks nice and sanitary.

2. Watch the Nail technicians.

Are they wearing neat clothing? If your manicurist is wearing a stained uniform or apron, she's sending a pretty clear message that professional cleanliness is a priority for her. Which should make you wonder how clean and safe her tools and equipment are. Are the technicians very focused on their work, or do they look lax when it comes to thoroughly cleaning or properly filing a customer's nails?

3. Look out for safety signs.

Optimally, there should be posted safety rules regarding salon procedures that can be clearly seen by the salon staff.

4. Get the lowdown on those foot baths.

"Speak to the supervisor at the salon regarding what type of foot baths are used. You can sometimes see the difference between pipe or pipe-free whirlpools yourself, too: A pipe-free system has what looks like a fan or propeller attached to it, while a whirlpool with pipes is surrounded by, well, pipes. Also, "find a facility that uses a liner in their foot bath and make sure that liner is changed in between each client.

5. Ask about an autoclave.

When it comes to making sure non-disposable tools are safe, "disinfection and sterilization are not the same". An autoclave sterilization device, which is now available in better nail salons, is guaranteed to kill any bug and is much more effective than disinfecting solution (like that blue stuff you might see at a hair salon or barber shop), which doesn't kill all bacterial spores.

Bring your own instruments.

This eliminates any danger of getting an infection from a prior customer. Another good practice: "Clean your own instruments at home beforehand, too. You can wipe down something like a pair of scissors with alcohol, or wash them with soap and water". Even if you're the only person using them, cleaning your instruments before using them takes away any risk from surface dirt they make have picked up in a drawer or on a table.

Don't shave your legs for 24 hours before your treatment.

Don't be afraid to voice your concerns.

If something doesn't look or feel right, voice your opinion. There are many great facilities out around, they put their customers' Health First.

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