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Concrete Driveway Brisbane

Concrete Driveway Brisbane Homes and Establishment 

In most homes and establishments, the driveway is one of the areas that require most floor maintenance or fixing. The driveway has to withstand thousands of pounds of weight every day, on top of medium to heavy foot traffic, and weather changes.

Most property owners go for pure concrete flooring in driveways as it ensures durability. It’s also relatively inexpensive, which makes it a good option for those who are working on a budget. But aside from the pure concrete flooring, experienced concrete contractors Brisbane offer other flooring options that can combine substrate quality and surface elegance to your driveway. 
Exposed Aggregate Driveways in Brisbane
Similarly to plain concrete flooring, the exposed aggregate concrete is poured directly to the driveway and smoothed out.  The difference here is the exposed aggregate flooring system consists of placing and finishing a decorative mix of stones, sand and cement then finishing it to a point before applying a retarding agent, then using a pressure cleaner to expose the decorative aggregate of the desired mix chosen by the customer.

Exposed aggregate flooring is one of the flooring systems that is easiest to maintain, yet tastefully stylish at the same time. This makes it the perfect option for home and other property owners in Brisbane who are looking to give their driveways an earthy yet modern industrial look, without compromising its staunch under layers. 

Generally, exposed aggregate floors increases grip on the floor’s surface for cars to pass or stay on, making it a better option for the driveway. It can be done with one pigment, or multi-colored pigments, with or without finish, to suit the overall design of your property. 

Concrete flooring for driveway benefits:
  • Able to withstand heavy traffic and metal weight everyday
  • Able to withstand changes in the weather and temperature
  • A flooring system that’s hardwearing, and non-slip
  • One of the most cost-effective flooring options
  • Wide range  of customizable designs to complement the look of the rest of the property

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