Distinctive Designs Australia  Search … 5 Digital Signage trends for 2018 in Brisbane
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Distinctive Designs Australia Search … 5 Digital Signage trends for 2018 in Brisbane

5 digital signage trends for 2018 in Brisbane.Smart will get smarter
AI is entering digital signage, allowing an unprecedented scaling of data analysis and integration.

Imagine systems able to act like a team member! Managing huge amounts of information & making suggestions as to what content should be displayed where, and when.

Data feeds will become messages in their own right, without outside intervention. Digital signage systems will be able to target messages to specific displays based on the data they are receiving and analyzing.

This will allow better integrated and linked promotions. Cross-promotion on a completely new scale! Layered, integrated campaigns that combine with people’s mobile technology.
Virtual Reality Interaction
Interactive digital signage already exists in Brisbane. It uses touch screens to create “Plan out Your Visit” hubs. 2018 will increase intuitive, friendly user experiences that will make it easier for the customer to find what they’re looking for.

Easier than ever to create truly useful, interactive and personalised digital signs.

Displays will do more than just show messages promoting events.. they will become integral parts of the events themselves. There will also be a dramatic increase in the amount of outdoor digital signage, from huge displays to small interactive kiosks, some of which will be able to interact with a person’s smartphone or tablet.

Have you heard of Geofencing? This new technology will bounce into 2018. When people enter a designated area, they will receive prompts to download an app that will allow them to interact. For example: Digital messages- Turn-by-turn wayfinding directions sent right to their device once entering a event space on the Gold Coast directing you to the mainstage.

The separation between the digital and the physical is getting blurred, making it easier for the consumer.
Content that Responds
We discern trends that will create digital signs that automatically change the content they show based on external triggers, like:

  • Weather dependant (e.g. On a hot beach day- billboards switch to ice cream advertisements)
  • Time (e.g. Peak hour in Brisbane, switches to longer play relevant advertising, because viewers have more viewing time.)
  • Traffic (e.g. alternative routes displayed to drivers due to an accident on the M1)
Relevant information to current surroundings and situations catches more attention. Building a unique user experience that fills a customer’s needs at any given time.
Displays that are Really Cool
LED Digital signage are now wider, yet slimmer than ever before.

Future displays can now be only micrometer thick. It reflects light rather than emitting it. Refresh rates are low, and not useable yet for rich video displays. As 2018 progresses they become cheaper to buy, cheaper to use and incredibly versatile

2018 will be the year that UHD becomes the new standard for LCD. Yes, video walls are evolving. Now with non-rectangular displays, ultra-thin bezels and more. Expect to see the number of video walls increase exponentially throughout the year.
OLED Flexible Screens
What is OLED? Actually it stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes.  This flat, light-emitting technology is made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted, so OLEDs don’t require a backlight and are thinner and more efficient than LCD displays.1 Since they’re ultra-slim, flexible and almost weightless, they can be rolled up like paper, installed over glass like a tint, and viewed from both sides.

Perfect technology for your digital signage on a store front.

The graphics can be read from inside or outside of the store. This flexible, lightweight display fits the contours of a design and emphasize curves, something previously not possible with rigid rectangular displays.2

1,2 OLED for Brand Building and Engagement, Digital Signage Today, July 2016
This year looks like an amazing opportunity for more companies to embrace digital signage. Video walls are thinner, clearer & bigger. Make sure you get one in your store..

OLED technology is easy and affordable for promotional media content.

The future for smart VR signage and digital displays will really capture customers and keep them wanting more.

Have you seen our digital LED billboard trailers? Great for outdoor promotional sales.
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