Do You Need a Roof Job

Do You Need a Roof Job

There are a lot of reasons that you could need your roof repaired or even replaced – a tree branch falls and puts a hole in the roof or a windstorm comes through and tears half your roof off – but, by far, the most common reasons to have your roof replaced is that your current roof has just gotten old and worn out or that it is time for an environmentally friendly roof.

You might be thinking that roof replacement Perth is just a quick and easy shingle replacement operation but, what most people do not realize is just how much actually goes into building a new roof properly!

All regions require a certain slope, or angle, in the roofs in that area and, they also require that a new roof can support a minimum amount of weight.  These two basic requirements are primarily in place for safety.  If a roof has a slope that is too level, water from rain and snow melt-off  pools on the roof  instead of running off of the roof and, this will eventually cause huge holes and leaks in your roof.  Also, standing water on your roof will weaken the structure of a roof and cause it to collapse.   Weight-baring limits are in place to prevent roof collapse as well.  These rules of roof construction are just two of the many reasons why you need professional commercial roofing Perth when it comes time to replace your roof.

In addition to the basic building rules above,  many other components can go into commercial roofing Perth.  For example, some roofs have plumbing built into them to supply water to fire sprinklers.  Most roofs, especially commercial roofs, also house venting systems for heating and air conditioning and air circulation in general.  There are also many roof designs that incorporate wiring to power ceiling lights and other sorts of lighting.  Not only are commercial roofs often designed to accommodate other parts of construction, they often have to be built in nontraditional shapes for various reasons, even if those reasons are just aesthetic.

Another thing you need to be concerned about when planning a roof replacement Perth is that the roofing company understands the importance of cladding and has the knowledge to do it right.  Cladding is basically putting two different materials together in such a way that a thermal and energy-efficient layer is created between them.  Cladding is important to maintaining the energy efficiency of any building, especially larger commercial buildings.

Now that you understand how complicated a roof can actually be, I am sure that you now also understand how very important it is to hire an expert company to perform your commercial roofing Perth.

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