End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

What is the End of Lease Cleaning?

Probably when leasing a new place you might have come across "End of Lease Cleaning" in the contract that you sign. Of course, many people ignore terms and condition stipulated by the property owner, and end up regretting later when they lose money or are prematurely ejected from the property. It is in this regard; we will examine what we mean by "End of Lease Cleaning."

In accordance to real estate standards, when a tenant plans to vacate from a leased property, they are required to clean the establishment before the manager of the property or the landlord in question can reimburse their bond placed with RTBA. The aforementioned process is to be carried out as per the end of lease cleaning checklist. In simple End of Lease Cleaning, involves erasing all the signs that would indicate you ever lived or worked in that house.

Most people usually forfeit the bond because the last thing they want to do when moving out is cleaning. Nevertheless, what if I told you that you could hire cleaning professionals who would help you to undertake the process, for instance, Perth Home Cleaners who operate in Perth, OZ. Importantly, you should know that the bond placed with RTBA is equivalent to a month's rent—it is more than what the cleaning companies would charge for the service.

How do you prepare for End of Lease Cleaning?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Before embarking on End of Lease Cleaning, you should lay out an explicit plan. You should bear in mind, no matter how you kept the establishment clean while living in it; there are some places, such as under the furniture and concealed corners that were out of reach. These areas accumulates a lot of dirt and need extra attention. Below are some step involved in preparing for End of Lease Cleaning.

Step 1: Set a Date

Professionally speaking, it takes between 2-4 hours to clean a studio apartment, roughly 3-6 hours to clean a two or three-bedroom apartment and probably the whole day to clean a house larger than the aforementioned category. To avoid last minute surprises, you should consult cleaning professionals to know how long the job will take and then using the information set a viable date

Step 2: Empty the House

Trust me when I say, before embarking on the cleaning process, you need to clear all the items in the house unless you wish to forfeit a portion of the bond. One thing that you probably did not know is that most messes occur during property relocation. Additionally, things like furniture and fridges conceal dirt under or in the corners. Therefore, cleaning before emptying the house is just a waste of time.

Step 3: Acquire the Right Equipment and Supplies

For a thorough End of Lease Cleaning, you will have to bring more than just yourself to the job. Some of the equipment you should include on top of your bucket list includes

• Brooms

• Mop

• Duster

• Gloves

• Brush and Dustpan

• Vacuum

• Oven Cleaner

• Carpet and Steam Cleaner

• Oven Scraper

• Preferred Detergent or breach

• Soap

• Towels

• Paper Towels

• Ladder

• Screw Drivers

You should realize the kind of equipment and supplies you bring to the cleaning process will differ depending on the size of the house, and the furnishings involved.

Step 4: Cleaning Checklist

As stipulated in the contract between the tenant and the property owner, before moving out the occupant must pay attention to specific areas as per the cleaning checklist


According to experts some places in the kitchen are dirtier than the toilet—not the nicest fact to know. The oven alone can take up to an hour before the degreasing agents work their magic. Below are some areas that you should pay attention when cleaning the kitchen

• Clean stovetop

• Clean the oven

• Clean the bench surfaces

• Clean pantry

• Clean the Shelves, cupboard, and pantry

• Clean sinks, and spouts

• Clean microwave and fringe (Exterior + Interior)


If you are amongst those people who have let their bathroom accumulate toilet stains, hard watermarks, and soap scum, do not expect cleaning to be a walk in the park. In the due day, you should bring breach and other cleaning product to do a complete job. Below are some of the cleaning tips

• Clean bathtub and basin

• Clean showerhead and faucets

• Disinfect the toilet

• Clean tiled surfaces

• Polish mirrors

• Clean air vent and medicine cabinets

Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and Dining Rooms

Of course, there is a lot of work that comes with cleaning these rooms and it includes

• Vacuuming the floor

• Cleaning wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and shelves

• Polishing the mirrors

• Clean accessible light fixtures

• Polishing windows, door frames, and sills

• Dust blinds

• Polishing switches and sockets

• Carpet steam cleaning

• Removing cobwebs

• Pest control

• Cleaning the wall


It is important to realize that not all house contain laundry. Nonetheless, if you are lucky enough to live in an establishment that integrates this luxury you should

• Clean sink, sprouts, and handles

• Remove dryer lint

• Vacuum the floor

• Clean the washers and dryers faces


If you lived in a house with this facility here are tips on cleaning checklist

• Remove cobwebs

• Sweep the floor

• Wipe cupboards and shelves

Step 4: Contact Property Manager for Approval

This the last and the most important step. If you have hired someone else to do the job ask for the bond so that they can deal with real estate agent on your behalf. In this stage, if you have done everything required by the cleaning checklist then the property owner or manager gives back the bond and you are good to go.

Why Should You Hire Home Cleaning Companies to Conduct End of Lease Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies undertake the End Lease Cleaning while you focus on other things. Importantly, most of them reimburse your bond and take the responsibility of dealing with the owners. You should realize that most of the real estate managers look for loopholes at the end of lease cleaning to make you forfeit some of the bond money. When you hire people with experience in this field, they know exactly what is needed in the cleaning checklist and will leave no stone unturned. Hiring external cleaners is always worth your money and gives you more time to concentrate on moving.

Perth Home Cleaners: We do not cut corners we clean them

Are you living in Perth, OZ, and its Environs and wish to conduct End of Lease Cleaning? Worry no more, because at Perth Home Cleaners we offer commercial cleaning services that will help you reclaim every cent of your bond. At our organization, we are available seven days a week and undertake any type of cleaning. Our unparalleled commitment to the residents of Perth, Midland, Fremantle, Joondalup, Rockingham, and Mandurah to provide a clean environment while they focus on other money generating activities.

We have many years' experience in providing services such as

• Vacate cleaning

• Builders cleaning

• House cleaning

Our employees are honest and diligent you will never find a situation where you lose your items during the cleaning process. Therefore, if you live in Perth, OZ or its environs and looking for a company to conduct your End of Lease Cleaning or any other commercial cleaning, call us on (0420 270 260) and you will never regret the decision.

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