Facts About Heavy Duty Tarps

Facts About Heavy Duty Tarps

When one is looking for a good quality tarp but do not want to spend to much money, Google rears its head as mans new best friend. Sure, it is just as easy to go down to your local hardware and grab that cheap imported plastic off the shelf, but you are essentially just flushing money straight down the drain. With a life expectancy of a fly, these tarps are both super cheap and nasty. You are guaranteed a one time use out of them before the weather will eat away at them. But if you are prepared to spend a little more for quality, longevity comes along for free. 

So as any good online shopper knows, the first thing you do is look up exactly what you are after and compare prices and options between every site you come across. There are plenty of questions one would ask in the pursuit of knowledge but what are the right questions that ensure you get exactly what you want? Well….

What makes a tarp Heavy-Duty? 

 will have industrial strength and will be made to last. They will be durable, and UV stabilized which in turns lengthens the longevity and lifespan of the tarp. It is completely customizable to suit your requirements. 

What is the strongest tarp material? 

The most ideal material one would want to look for is Extra Heavy Duty PVC around 900gsm. This material has one of the higher tensile and tear strengths of all materials as well as being both waterproof, mildew/ rot and UV resistant. 

How are tarps measured? 

The quality of a good heavy-duty tarp is measured by GSM (Grams per square metre), tear and tensile strength and quite often UV resistance warranty is the defining feature. These are essentially the measurements and specifications of the material; the higher the GSM number, the stronger it may be, but UV resistance may be lower than in another tarp material of medium weight. 

Is a tarp waterproof?

Unless damaged or otherwise torn, yes. Tarps are waterproof. 

Can I get any colour? Does the colour really matter?

Tarp Materials come in all colours of the rainbow, you are only limited by your imagination. But depending on what you are requiring the tarp for, some colours are better suited than others. When the object that needs covering requires high visibility, brighter colours like oranges, reds or yellows would be your go to colours. Black tarps however are better suited to those who want their covered objects to remain cool whilst out in direct sunlight. This is obtained using this colour as it best absorbs heat whilst allowing that beneath it to remain cool. 

When compared to the cheap you would find at any local hardware, a proper industrial heavy-duty tarp is guaranteed to not only last a long time but to also suit your needs and requirements perfectly. Being completely customizable, you can not only dictate the colour and style but also the level of strength. The only thing to always consider when looking into something that will last is that it will cost you more than what you would pay for a cheap imported brand off the shelf. The upside however is you only have to pay once as opposed to the multiple times you will replacing your Chinese tarps over and over again.

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