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Workspaces are fast becoming our second home with employees spending increasingly more time at their desks. While updating an office requires money and time, a modern, updated office space is proven to increase worker productivity and improve morale, as well as presenting your business or brand in the best way possible.

There are many indicators that your office might need updating, but here are four sure-fire ways to know that this is the case:

Presentation is Key – First Impressions Matter

Upon entering any new space, we instinctively scan the area and draw conclusions based on what we see. An office space is no different – customers, clients and stakeholders will all inevitably draw conclusions about your business based on how your space comes across. How you care for your office space is a direct reflection of how you care for your clients and employees. Is your office space sending the right messages visually?

Health Implications – Happy and Healthy Staff

Poorly designed office equipment can be a ticking time bomb; desks at the wrong height are uncomfortable and non-ergonomic chairs can cause long-term injury. Even old lighting fixtures can affect our eyesight causing headaches and other complications.

Does your office promote wellbeing amongst your staff?

Boosting Morale With Well Designed Zones

We all know that sitting in one position all day doesn’t agree with everyone, this has lead to the rise in a wave of newly designed office spaces and furniture.

Many modern offices are seeing the benefits of providing areas of relaxation for their employees, away from the dull buzz of computers and chaos of phone chatter. Meditation rooms, gyms, chill out zones and spa facilities are all cropping up in corporate offices. Considering your employees’ needs goes a long way to keeping them happy, and increased productivity comes as a bonus! How is morale in your office? Could it be improved?

Growing Productivity

Providing the right environment is beneficial for both employer and employee. The World Green Building Council conducted a study on Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices, concluding that there is “overwhelming evidence which demonstrates that the design of an office impacts the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants.”

Modern and ergonomic office furnishings and well-considered office facilities keep employees focused and allow them to conduct their work unhindered. Is poor design or office layout affecting productivity in your workspace?

The design and decor in your workspace is representative of the ethos of your company and can affect the success of your business.

Bowen Interiors will work in partnership with you to design an office space that is a true reflection of your business.

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Bowen Group  - Office Fitout & Installation In Bayswater
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