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Franchise For Sale

Franchise For Sale

Why would you buy a franchise for sale?  

There are two main reasons why you wouldn't hesitate to buy a franchise.

The first is the power of the brand.

A well established franchise will already have a 'front of mind' status with your local customers so they are already on the lookout for your new franchises services.  This would include well known fast food chains, through to specialty signage, finance, cleaning, and home based service franchises.

The advantage here is getting a quick hold on sales within your local market as customers know exactly what to expect.  This has a huge dollar value to your business, and once established will usually hold through to the resale - if you can part with it.

A new brand to the industry will already have systems in place that they have tried and tested to funnel through leads into your business.  With a new brand there are many factors to consider, and the early adopters discount to get started is usually at the top of the list.  Starting for a lower fee, building your business, and then onselling can prove to be very profitable.  On the other hand there are also usually options to take more territories or retail outlets as the franchise grows into other regions.  Many franchisees own more than one franchise.  Once they experience the power of the brand they find huge opportunities for growth into more outlets or mobile vans.

The second is the proven system.

What better way to start a business than with complete training in every system required to make it a success.  This will be from staff recruitment and management, administrative operations, local area marketing, products and services operations and much more.

The system is operating and you can experience it before you make your investment.  

When buying a small business you can experience it operating, however when the owner has gone and you are now in charge there is no one to ask for help.  When you buy a franchise for sale there is a complete support system in place, often with admin staff to help you with your day to day book keeping depending on the franchise.

There are many positives in buying a franchise opportunity, and there are so many different franchise systems now for sale that we are spoilt for choice.  Take a look through our online Franchise Expo where you can get in contact directly with the franchise owners who have information kits ready to share with you.  

If you need some business ideas get in touch with us below and we will point you in the right direction. 

Here is a more detailed article about 'Franchising in Australia - Why It's A Growing Industry'.

Always seek good experienced advice from those working closely with the franchise industry before investing in any business.

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