How Much Magnesium Do We Need Everyday?

How Much Magnesium Do We Need Everyday?

Which Type of Magnesium Has 98% Absorption?

The right TYPE of magnesium is essential to life but our soils are sadly lacking in this important mineral.

Is Your Oral Magnesium Supplement Actually Absorbed?                                    Pro Magnesium Spray

January 24, 2019
  • We Need Enough of the Right TYPE of Magnesium Every Day

Many of us realise that we need enough of the right TYPE of magnesium every day for 100`s of enzyme reactions in our body and to prevent cramps, headaches, cardiac arrhythmias, muscle, tendon and joint health but it can also help with energy production, poor concentration, children on the autistic spectrum, heart health, toothaches, skin tags, acne, sports recovery & performance and many more. Full list here.
  • Magnesium Will Be Removed From Our Bone Marrow & Organs
If we do not get enough magnesium out body pulls it out of our bone marrow & organs to place it into out blood supply which always needs to have a concentration of .7% of magnesium for cardiac function.
Our bodies do get depleted in magnesium because of diet and lifestyle choices and the obvious symptom of magnesium deficiency is cramping anywhere in the body particularly the legs, feet and toes. Headaches, migraines, sore muscles, are some of the other symptoms - here is a link to a magazine article written by Dr. Jay Cohen on Magnesium.
There is a problem though Australia`s soil is so ancient it is very poor in many minerals especially magnesium and there may not be enough in our dark leafy greens. We need to supplement magnesium daily but which supplement works the best?
  • Oral magnesium supplements are completely destroyed by our stomach acid & are not absorbed

According to Amazing Oils & Dr. Jay S Cohen, author of many books & former professor of family & preventative medicine at University of California 98% of oral magnesium supplements are completely destroyed by our stomach acid and so are a waste of money, so what is the solution to this?
  • Pro Transdermal Australian Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium is 98% Absorbed 

The right type of transdermal magnesium is 98-99% absorbed into the blood supply, it is more bioavailable faster but some brands use products from China and may be very high in sodium and potassium. Health Kitchen has sourced a new professional quality pure magnesium without the sodium and other unwanted minerals. It is a pharmaceutical grade magnesium with a very effective pump spray that delivers 40mg of clean Australian magnesium without the itchy sodium per spray - so 6 sprays will give you around 240mg - a useful daily dose.

Pro Magnesium Spray Relief From:
Pain, PMT, Migraines, Headaches, Cramps
Restless Legs, Insomnia, Stress & More            

* No Sticky Residue, Pharmacuetical Grade
Australian Magnesium Now Available! $35.99

Testimonial: " I was suffering from cramps even though I have been taking An expensive Naturopathic brand of magnesium chelate - I tried Amazing Oils Magnesium Pro spay and it stopped the cramps in my legs immediately!" Chris, Seacliff, South Australiia

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