How to maintain your split system air conditioner?

How to maintain your split system air conditioner?

Split system air conditioners also are known as a ductless air conditioner system. Ignoring the maintenance may lead to the lower and poor performance of the air conditioner. The maintenance of a split system air conditioner is reasonable and simple. By maintaining the filter of the air conditioner you can increase the performance and get a better air quality. The best option you can go for an air conditioner cooling repair services. Save money and time by hiring top best services in Melbourne, at KM Heating And Cooling Plumbers work is done by professional air conditioner cleaners with 100% guarantee of cleanness and increasing the performance of the air cooling system.

Follow the steps to increase the performance of your air-conditioner;

Maintaining air-conditioner

  • Regular cleaning of the air conditioner from outside should be done. Regular cleaning of your split system air conditioner using a vacuum cleaner may help the filter remain dust free from getting excess of dust.

  • The accumulation of dust and debris continuously build up on the grill of your air conditioner and deep inside it get stucks on the filter. Which results in poor quality of air all over which may be harmful to both you and your family.

  •  If you clean the air conditioner regularly, using a vacuum cleaner, you can prevent the filter from excess dust build up. Also, clean the outdoor unit of your split system air conditioner.

Fixing the air conditioner

  • Fix a spot four-feet of surrounding space in all the corners of the room. Then install the air conditioner.

  • Install your air conditioner in an open space, it helps in slowing the dust accumulation process and blowing good quality of air.

Clean the filter

  • Keeping the filter clean is a sign of healthy and hygienic surroundings. 

  • Regular cleaning of the air conditioner filter during summertime is a must job.

  • If your filter of split system air conditioner is choked, it's cooling power will be reduced by 20%. 

Maintaining the coil and condenser.

  • Inside cleaning of an air conditioner system is necessary. 

  • The coil and condenser should be cleaned by throwing water from a pipe keeping the pressure balanced. Thus, the dirt and dust thoroughly should be cleaned. 

  • After cleaning leave it to get dry the split system air conditioner properly. 

  • Simply turn on it and have the pleasure of fresh and clean air with good air quality.

Fixing the air conditioner pipe

  • Carefully inspect the pipe. Spot the water leakage part and mark the spot. 

  • The pipe connects to the indoor and outdoor unit of the split system air conditioner.

  • If you notice any leakage immediately try to fix it. 

  • There are many types of waterproof products available in the market, which can help in fixing the pipe and prevent you from water leakage.

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