How to Optimise Your eCommerce Buying Funnel for Multiple Visits

How to Optimise Your eCommerce Buying Funnel for Multiple Visits

There’s an old saying in business that goes: “It’s 80% harder to get a new customer, than it is to get an existing customer to come back.” And while we all want to get as many new visitors to our ecommerce website as we can (as sales is a numbers game), it behoves anyone running an ecommerce store, to encourage multiple visits from everyone who comes to their site. To do this we need to optimise our online shop’s buying funnel to get more out of each visitor we get.

Here are a few sage pointers to help you do just this:

Google Analytics – the Devil’s in the Detail

Have you ever seen in a basketball game when a shot goes halfway down the basket, only for the ball to spin around and (seemingly against the laws of physics!) pop out again?

Well that's a feeling we online marketers are all too familiar with. Because nothing's more heartbreaking than checking our Google analytic data and seeing that a potential customer came to our site, loaded up their shopping cart…only to leave empty-handed.

Don't get discouraged by this, though, as only 2% of visitors make a purchase on their first trip to an ecommerce website. It's how you bring back the other 98% that makes the difference.

What is the "Buying Funnel?"

The buying funnel is the journey prospective buyers go on when they buy something. The further down the funnel they go, the closer they are to making a purchase...


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