How to prepare your unwanted car before selling it to the wreckers in Sydney
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How to prepare your unwanted car before selling it to the wreckers in Sydney

No-one likes to have a scrap car languishing on their lawn or driveway. It isn’t just a giant waste of space. It makes the whole property look trashy. It can lower the value of your house, and your neighbor's. What makes this even more strange is the realisation that scrap cars can so easily be removed, and not only do you not have to spend any money. You also get paid money, because you are effectively selling the car. 

The good news is that auto removal and recycling companies aren’t rare. There are plenty of them out there. And they will be more than happy to both buy your car off you, and come over and remove it from your property without charging you for it. There are some things that you need to do with your vehicle to prepare it, however. It always in your best interests to do these things, so that you can ensure that you are paid the most cash possible at the end of it all. 
Make Space for the Car Removal Truck
The company that comes over to buy your car before removing it don’t bear the responsibility for clearing the area around the car so that it is accessible. That is your job. If it is already accessible, fine. But if it isn’t, you need to make it accessible. Otherwise the company may pay you less money for your car in order to make up for the extra work. Other companies may simply refuse to buy your car at all when they see the mess. 
Choose a Good Company to Sell to in the First Place
If you live in Sydney, New South Wales, you need to choose a good company to sell your scrap vehicle to. A  service like Mega Cars Removal  will offer you the best services, but not all companies are like that. Some of them will offer you less money for your car depending on how far away you live, and how much it will cost them to remove your vehicle after the sale is finished. Others will not even provide a car removal service at all, and make you arrange the transportation of your car to their salvage yard. Either way, the result is the same. You end up with less money.
Give the Correct Info
When you first get in touch with a cash for cars auto wrecking company, you will be getting a quote from them. This will give you an idea of how much they will be paying you. You need to give some information about your car in order to get this quote. The make, model, age and condition. If you give incorrect info, they will find out as they will do a physical inspection before they pay you. So be sure to tell them the things that have made your car a clunker. If the motor is blown, tell them. And get top cash for your car, something that everyone wants!

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