How to Recover Your Deleted Instagram Account

How to Recover Your Deleted Instagram Account

If you have deleted your Instagram account and would like to restore it, it is important to know that, according to the Instagram plan, your previous account cannot be restored and you will not be able to use the same username as before. Apart from this issue, you can reactivate your Instagram account at any time by following the guidance on “How to Reactivate an Instagram Account after a Permanent Delete”.

When your account has been temporarily or permanently disabled you will receive a message to that effect when you try to access your account. Accounts that do not respect or comply with Instagram’s environmental standards may be deactivated without prior notice.  It is highly recommended to thoroughly evaluate the community guidelines as well as any messages in any accounts you generate.

If you think your account has been accidentally disabled, you may have an opportunity to utilize options by following the instructions on screen when opening the application and entering your username and password.

How To Reactivate your Instagram Account

Step 1 – Open your Instagram app and log in. Sometimes all it takes to reactivate your account when it has been temporarily disabled is to log in once again. This sounds really easy; however, it can be more complicated than it appears as Instagram is extremely strict on the reactivation of accounts.

Something to bear in mind is that Instagram will briefly disable your account for one week if you have deactivated it.

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password.

If this action effectively reinstates your deactivated account it means that your account is once again active. However, if it did not have the desired effect, you will have to reset your password.

Resetting Your Instagram Password

If your account has still not been activated after entering your existing username and password you can try resetting your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link. This can be done by entering your email address and the username you previously utilized to access your Instagram account. If you have completed the information required properly, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

If you are logged into your account and wish to modify your password from there, you can go to “setups” on your account. To do this click on the three dots situated at the top of the display and find the “Change Password” option. All you have to do is follow the easy steps set out in a lengthy method to help you reactivate your disabled account. If you need help then look at this site -

Tips to Reactivate Instagram Account

1.In the event that your Instagram account has been disabled, you will receive a notification when you try to visit.  Instagram accounts that do not follow the community guidelines or terms of the Instagram plan have a greater possibility of being disabled. If you have not complied with the guidelines or followed the plans as set out by Instagram, your account will most likely be deactivated. Unless you send a message with appropriate information you will most likely be penalized.

2.In some circumstances, accounts may have been disabled accidentally by Instagram.  If your account has been deactivated due to an error from Instagram, you may be able to remedy it by sending a support ticket. Doing this can give you an amazing opportunity to have your account reinstated.

3.If you are having actual problems when attempting to activate your account there may be certain other factors at play. For example, log-in problems are fairly common with Instagram. At the same time, you cannot discount the possibility that someone else has attempted to access your account causing it to be deactivated. The best thing to do in this case is to open a brand new Instagram account.

4.Likewise, there is the possibility that your account has been disabled due to a system failure on the part of Instagram. In case this happens to you it is recommended that you go to one of the Instagram online community forums in an effort to find out how to deal with the situation. You can also speak to Instagram’s professional support staff by utilizing the options from the online conversation help program offered by Instagram. In these instances, account recovery is not something that can be resolved in a matter of minutes; however, if your case is indisputable, there is a strong likelihood that you may regain access to your disabled account.

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