How To Remove a Blood Stain From a Mattress?

How To Remove a Blood Stain From a Mattress?

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Our mattresses may get stained sometimes, but stained with blood is not so common at all. This is true accidents can occur anytime. Be it you or your pet any injury or wound may drip blood over your mattress and spoiling it and if went unnoticed leaving a dark brown stain which is not even harder to remove but sometimes is irremovable. There are many guides for blood stain removal from mattress and most of them are very easy to do and require basic home stuff. Here is the ultimate guide to remove blood stains (fresh or old) from a mattress. This do it yourself procedure will help you in removing harsh old or fresh stains of blood.

Before you can start you must know the process of stain removal is different for old and fresh stains on the mattress. 

For Fresh and Simple Bloodstains:

  1. Things you need are - 
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Baking Soda
  4. White Vinegar
  5. Simple cloth or towel
  6. Cold water


Suppose you just cut your finger and spilled blood over a mattress. You need to rinse a plain cloth or a towel in iced or cold water and rub the towel over the mattress. Repeat the process until all the blood is faded away. You may add salt to it if the blood is deep inside the mattress. Leave it to dry. This is the blood stain removal procedure for a fresh stain.

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For Harder or Old Blood Stain Removal:

Follow these steps and get your bloodstain removed

Step 1: Pour some baking soda in a cup and sprinkle it over the blood stain on a mattress.

Now take the spray bottle and add distilled white vinegar and tap water. Use this solution and spray it over the stain where you just sprinkled baking soda, and leave it to dry and let the solution do the work of stain removal.

Step 2: SInce the mattress is dried you should use a brush to remove the soda powder or any dirt left over it. Now bring your vacuum cleaner and move it over the mattress and repeat the process to get desired results.

No matter how stubborn the blood stain is you can easily clean your mattress of it. There are a lot of Mattress Stain Removal service providers and if you will like you can always take help of professional mattress service provided by us. Trust us we provide better blood stain removal services. Bloodstain removal is easy when we are cleaning it.

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