How to Remove Odour From Mattress?

How to Remove Odour From Mattress?

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How many time you feel uncomfortable while sleeping. The bad odour of keeps you awake and aware, or u have a child who keeps bedwetting almost daily or a pet who pisses on ur lovely mattress. Worried about urine stain removal or looking for urine odour removal tips. Buying expensive mattress deodorizers from the market or contacting professional mattress cleaners. Do not worry we got u a simple guide for urine odour removal or just deodorise your mattress. Follow the instructions below and get ur stains and odours removed at home without any help from professional mattress cleaners.

Things Required For Urine odour Removal:

  1. Spare clothes or paper towels

  2. Baking Soda or Borax

  3. Distilled white vinegar 

  4. Vacuum Cleaner

  5. May use commercial products or mattress deodorizer

Now follow the steps given below and get your urine odour removal process done by your hand and your home instead of paying large amounts to professional mattress Cleaning Services.

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Procedure - 

Step 1: For urine stain removal you can do this step. If you have a fresh stain of urine use some paper to blot over it and don't press it. After removing excess liquid, pour some distilled white vinegar over the stain and dampen the mattress a little. Make sure you saturate the stain with vinegar and turn on the fan and leave it under it for a for a few minutes 

Step 2: After the vinegar sits in ur some paper towels to remove extra vinegar or the leftovers after drying up.

Step 3: For urine odour removal you will need baking soda if it's not available you may use borax. Pour in some baking soda over the urine stain and pour it excessively for extreme urine odour removal. Use your fingers or blunt object to tap over the baking soda in order to put in the soda deep inside the mattress and let it merge with the vinegar and urine. Leave it in the air for a few hours depending upon the intensity of urine smell and stain.

Step 4: After a few hours have gone by you will see clumps of baking soda and vinegar. The caking of soda above the stain is easy to remove. Use a vacuum cleaner and run it over that cake again and again till no sign of powder is seen.

Step 5: To further intensify the smell you can use professional deodorizers and perfumes on your mattress.

That's it now you may leave the mattress as it is and you can very well see the stain removal and the process of urine odour removal is finished and your mattress smells good and fresh.

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