How to shampoo a Carpet?

How to shampoo a Carpet?

Shampooing a carpet is the marvelous way to get a much Deep Carpet Cleaning than vacuuming. Then remove all the furniture from the room, it vacuums carefully, and spot treats stains before you shampoo. With the proper amounts of soap and water fill the machine. Pay attention to the machine when the dirty water tank is full empty it and fill it with fresh water. After shampooing, it is good to run the machine once again with cold water. Always try to let the carpet dry completely before putting the furniture back and walking on it.

It’s recommended that you get your carpets cleaned once a year, it’s well worth keeping few things in mind how to use carpet shampoo

You’ll be needing these supplies in order to start cleaning:

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>  A clean cloth. 

>  Any strain remover spray. 

>  A Hot water extractor.

>  Vacuum cleaner.  

>  A Shampoo Cleaner approved by the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute, INC.)

Following are the steps how to shampoo carpet :

  • Before buying, make sure you go through manual, once you go through the manual start the machine and remove all the furniture on the floor, to begin with.

  • Clean the carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner until the dust is completely removed. Use just enough carpet shampoo to cover the area and with the help of hard bristled brush scrub on the particularly on the stubborn stain.

  • Take out the hot water extractor, if you’ve studied the instruction manual well. You’d know that it’s a two-chambered unit.  One chamber contains clean water which is mixed with hot water & soap and the other chamber is filled with the dirty water, which has been sucked back by the machine. When shampoo is mixed with hot water it works well. The machine throws the shampoo water and then quickly sucks it. After that fill the water tanks as mentioned in the machine. Filling the water level too high or above normal level may disturb the balance of shampoo and water, which may result in improper functioning of the machine. Keep in mind that use the only amount of shampoo as needed, adding too much of shampoo may get the carpet soapy and later it’ll attract more dirt. 

  • Now thoroughly run the extractor on the carpet and slowly over the carpet areas. Don’t rush otherwise the extractor will not be able to functionalize properly. 

  • Once you’re done with the help of using shampoo clean the dirt tank and fill it again with cold water. Run the extractor again, this time it’ll remove all the residue soap from the carpet. Finally, let the carpet dry. When the carpet is completely dried run the vacuum cleaner on it to give 100% clean new look. 

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