Importance of Heavy Duty Tarps in 2020

Importance of Heavy Duty Tarps in 2020

When looking for heavy duty tarps for sale, there are plenty of things to consider. More often then not, what you think goes into tarpaulin products and what actually goes into them are two completely different things. It is just a heavy-duty waterproof cloth, right? Well that is what the dictionary says; but what if I could tell you that your trusted dictionary was wrong?

To put it plainly, step by step, unless you have ever professionally made one yourself, I can guarantee that you will learn something new here; and here at Westarp, we aim to not only educate but inspire our clients to see what useful things can be made using heavy duty tarps.

Let us take the word heavy duty; its obviously got to be thick right? Long lasting? Well naturally, but is that all that it is?

To make a tarp, to make any tarp products you need a sturdy material. Basic ones to consider are PVC, polypropylene or polyethylene; common truck tarps utilising the heavy duty properties of the PVC material; this being both strong and lightweight with resistance to chemical rotting, shock and abrasion. Plus it has the benefits of being a good insulator with a side dish of being cost effective.

But is that all? Well? Of course not.

Easy to install? Why wouldn’t it be?

It is both low maintenance with a high life span, easily cut to shape and welded; what more could you ask for? Colour, right? How could we forget colour? It is so important, practically companies’ identifiers when out in the crowd. Here at Westarp we offer the rainbow plus a few extra shades because who doesn’t look slim in black?

But no matter your size, we can fit it. But why stop at covering trucks? Why not cover a whole truck yard? Shelters are no difficulty to us; container mounted, post mounted or even freestanding, we can cover it. One of our biggest projects spanned to just over 85m long and was a fully enclosed structure. They were some happy clients.

Here at Westarp, we custom make everything, we highly recommend it. It has got to fit your needs and simultaneously prevent future unexpected costs. We cater to various commercial, industrial and agricultural needs, our heavy-duty tarps differing in both size and weight; and just because we are generous, we will throw in tolerance to ultraviolent rays for free.

Honestly, in short, our aim is to provide shelter and coverage to you and your assets during the harshest of weather conditions. So have you learnt anything new? No? Well I will leave you with this last fun fact.

Ever suspended a 1,282kg dual cab ute a meter in the air using nothing but a tarp? We have.

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