Just How Valuable is the 1st Page of Google? SEO Statistics You Need to See to Believe

Just How Valuable is the 1st Page of Google? SEO Statistics You Need to See to Believe

Every day I receive multiple phone calls from business owners throughout Australia who are searching for the Rosetta Stone that deciphers how to get on the first page of Google. Some business owners are willing to pay for this secret to search engine optimisation, and pay handsomely. While some simply want (nay, expect) me to divulge all I know over the phone as if I were a free public resource with nothing better to do with my time than download the 15+ years of study I've done in the field, without getting any remuneration in return. But be these callers genuine in-bound SEO leads for my company or be they the quintessential in-bound 'tyre kicker' (every industry gets them, even SEO!), they are all calling because they understand the innate impact a Google first page listing can have on their business.

Or do they?  

How Valuable is the 1st Page of Google?

If Google were Monopoly, then getting on the first page would be like landing on Mayfair or Park Lane, because it's far and away the most valuable real estate you can get and everyone wants it. You know this to be true as well as I do, because we all of us realise that only a tiny percentage of people (statistically speaking) will ever go past the first page of a Google search. But just how valuable is the first page of Google exactly? And is it really worth spending your hard earned money hiring SEO North Sydney to get your website there?

To answer that, let's agree that if you're not on page one of your relevant Google search, your website is practically invisible. Let's further agree that every day you're not on the first page of Google, your competitors (who no doubt are on page 1) get all the business that should be going to you.

Now, given the above two points, let's close off the syllogism with the conclusion that, as the vast majority of all consumers in the 21st century search for what they want and where they want it, online (rather than in traditional media), it is very likely that the companies that are not on the first page will seriously lag behind their competitors until they learn to harness the power of the world's single largest lead generation tool (Google) to drive inbound enquiries...


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