Keeping House Spick and Span by Hiring Professional House Cleaners in Perth

Keeping House Spick and Span by Hiring Professional House Cleaners in Perth


Do you know that the major argument between cohabiting couples is about house cleaning? Some argue about who should do the cleaning, some about how often and others argue about how to do it!

House cleaning is a time-consuming job and by the time, you consider it finished, it seems like you need to start over again. Sometimes we include family members or assign them different cleaning tasks and at other times, we take the assistance of online DIY tutorials in terms of house cleaning methods. 

While all of this seems perfectly fine, nothing could be more comfortable than being blessed with a professional house cleaning service. 

Imagine, having a professional who regularly cleans the house for you! After all; what else could feel better than coming to a clean house every day! 

If you have ever experienced a situation; when you come home after a tiring day at the office and the floors are messy, carpet is stinking, bathrooms and countertops are filthy, and can you relax in such an untidy surrounding or feel completely comfortable at home?

Of course not! And this is exactly why professional cleaners are there to help you out. Indeed, there is a reason why professional house cleaners exist. Undoubtedly, professional house cleaning is a great convenience that spares you from the hours of dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming along with the exhaustion you feel afterward.

Regardless of how diligently you perform the regular cleaning tasks, if you are a working individual or have kids around, eventually your house will require a more thorough as well as deeper cleaning. So rather than taking out mops, buckets or other cleaning products, try leaving the job to professionals. 

Before we dig deeper into the benefits of keeping your house spotless by hiring professional house cleaners, let us have a look at some great health benefits of professional house cleaning in Perth. 

The Health Benefits of Ensuring Professional House Cleaning in Perth

Cleaning is inevitable to live healthily. Regardless if you do it on your own or by hiring a professional house cleaning service, it brings the following health benefits for you and your family.

Keep Home Hygienic for Toddlers and Infants

As stated earlier, if you have toddlers and infants in your home, then you must practice good cleaning at all times. It is very necessary to ensure sufficient level of hygiene because toddlers and infants are highly prone to viral infections. Not to mention, they are naturally attracted to the dirtiest corners of your home.

Thus, when you take the assistance of professional cleaners they use different tools and techniques to ensure deep cleaning of your home. This leaves no room for injurious infections that might take over the health of your little angels.

It Helps To Avoid Dust Allergies

Almost 20% of Australian population suffers from allergic diseases and dust mites are the most common reason for that. There are millions of common flu and cold cases each year and dust is the most common allergen that leads to itchy eyes, cold and running nose.

Most homeowners believe that they can keep their houses dust free by regular dusting but this is not true. Regular dusting cannot be equivalent to professional house cleaning services that use high-efficiency particulate air filters vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up all the dust from visible surfaces and carpets from all the parts of your home.

Moreover, when professionals perform dust cleaning, homeowners can remain outdoor, allowing time for dust particles to settle down. This is a great option to consider if you or your family members are prone to chronic dust allergies.

Ensure High-Level Hygiene in Your Bathrooms

Your bathrooms are the most favorite ‘hangout’ for different infectious pathogenic organisms including gastrointestinal viruses, fungi, salmonella and e-Coli bacteria and others. When you hire professional house cleaning in Perth, it helps in sanitizing and disinfecting bathrooms (regularly) to ensure that diseases causing bacteria are kept at bay from entering your everyday life.

A hygienic bathroom requires more than regular washing and this can only be done by experts as they use the right techniques and cleaning agents to achieve maximum results.

A Clean House Reduces Stress

A well organized and clean house creates a positive impact on the mental well being of individuals. It is common in Perth, that the stressful and hectic routine of individuals does not allow them to get into deep house cleaning every day. They get no time to clean up the house and thus, hiring professional house cleaning in Perth is now a common and most preferred approach to keep the house clean at all times. 

The professional house cleaning services have turned out to be the biggest relief for the inhabitants as well as landlords who usually cope with the unclean property after renting it out.

Professional House Cleaning Checklist

If we speak of Perth, most homeowners have large family rooms including lounge. The regular use of these rooms leads to undesirable filth and accumulation of dirt. Thus, it is only the professionals who can clean all rooms at once and who knows where dirt can be found. 

They are well trained to use advanced techniques and equipment to perform the job with high-level efficiency and offer comprehensive cleaning services to ensure your whole house remains clean, from top to bottom!

Following is the basic house cleaning checklist used by professionals to provide you a dirt-free environment in all areas of your house.


It is the most frequently used area of your house. Wet towels, left out toothpaste, hair in the shower drain are some of the common cleaning issues in our bathroom. But professionals can take care of these issues by performing the following cleaning activities.

  • Disinfect toilet

  • Scrub tub and shower tiles

  • Disinfect countertops

  • Shine and clean fixtures

  • Fold clean towels

  • Clear laundry basket

  • Scrub and polish floor

  • Disinfect and scrub sink

  • Clean windowsill

  • Empty wastebasket

  • Clean mirror

  • Clean cabinets


Another busiest area of our houses is the kitchen. Most importantly, it is the place where you cook the meal and it has to be well-kept by all means. Professional house cleaners can help you with that by regularly performing the following activities;

  • Clean chairs and tables

  • Polish floors

  • Clean appliances

  • Clean cabinet fronts

  • Emptying Trash

  • Polish and dust windowsills

  • Replace liner and disinfect trash can

  • Scrubbing sink

  • Disinfect backsplash and countertops

  • Spot door frames and clean walls

  • Clean burners and stove top

  • Polish knobs door and drawer handles and cabinets.

Living Area:

It is the place where you unwind after the tiring day. It is the sitting place for guests and you must keep it tidy and neat to make them feel comfortable. Professional cleaners take care of following aspects of your living room;

  • Dust ceiling

  • Dust door frames, woodwork, and switch-plates

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture

  • Fluff cushions and straighten pillows

  • Dust picture frames

  • Clean and dust lamps and lampshades

  • Polish hardwood

  • Dust furniture top, underneath and front

  • Clean windowsills

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Wash tile floors

  • Clean stairs and hallways

  • Empty Trash

  • Dust baseboards

  • Dust audio equipment and TV

  • Water plants

  • Complete general straightening


No one can imagine resting on a bed that is all messed up and in a state of chaos. 

Below checklist is followed by professional service of house cleaning in Perth to make sure you get a serene sanctuary as soon as you lay your head to rest;

  • Dust and clean lamps

  • Dust frames

  • Polish floor or vacuum

  • Dust furniture

  • Dust baseboards

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean windowsills

  • Remove dirty laundry

  • Clean light switches

  • Removing of cobwebs by running a duster around every edge of the ceiling

This is the standard cleaning checklist that can also be customized depending on your house cleaning requirements. When you work with reputed professionals of house cleaning in Perth, you receive consistent and efficient cleaning throughout the house.

Some of the great advantages of hiring a reputed service provider include the followings;

  • Your house remains impeccably cleaned. Every task is professionally handled and the place remains spotless and tidy when you step in after a tiring day.

  • No more exhausting housework for hours. Focus on your priorities and leave out the dishes and clothes washing to the professionals. Enjoy the time with family and friends or by reading your favorite book in a clean living room

  • Get best possible service by professionals having years of expertise and experience. While you may spend hours to clean stains, they know how to handle immaculately with every type of dirt or stain.

What should be done now?

As you now know the importance of professional house cleaning in Perth, hire the best and most reputed house cleaning service that caters to all sort of requirements and able to carry out all relevant and reasonable instructions.

Perth Home Cleaners offer the most comprehensive house cleaning services in Western Australia. If you are searching a house cleaner, call on 0420270260 to discuss your house cleaning requirements.

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