Make Your Cleaning Faster And Easier
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Make Your Cleaning Faster And Easier

There’s a faster and easier way to clean your home or office - and it gets the tick of approval from allergy sufferers too.

Ducted vacuum systems with their longer hoses, convenient valve locations, powerful motors and large air flow are capable of reaching into the furthermost corners of your home or office with ease and, unlike most conventional mobile units, will extract 100% of dust, grime, organic matter and microscopic irritants. 

This makes them a favourite amongst those who want simpler, faster, deeper cleaning - but also among the health-conscious who want peace-of-mind that the internal air that they’re breathing is free of harmful pollutants.

Let’s take a look at how a ducted vacuum system simplifies and speeds up your office or home cleaning routine.

Ducted vacuums make your cleaning faster because they have more powerful motors.  Depending on the make and model of the system, it can have up to five times more power than most conventional portable units.

Gone are the days of tangled electrical cords (which can also be a tripping hazard) and having to lug bulky equipment around.  A ducted vacuum takes away the heavy lifting, with the longer hoses and convenient inlet locations letting you reach even out of the way places quickly and effortlessly.

For added convenience, ducted vacuum systems can also be used on just about anything.  Carpets, wooden floors, concrete floors, tiles, vinyl and decking as well as curtains, blinds, cornices, shelving, furniture, cars, boats and even al frescoes can all be cleaned using these versatile systems which saves time as well as manpower.

Powerful motors situated well away from living areas provide strong suction to remove deep-down dust and dirt - first time.  There’s no need for repeated and strenuous effort to get rid of stubborn irritants because the strong vacuuming power and large air flow through the ducted piping gets the job done efficiently and easily.

Ducted systems can be installed into homes under construction as well as existing homes and come in a range of options to suit any budgets.  Of course, quality is the name of the game and it’s always worth talking to experts in the field to make sure that the system you choose is up to the task.

Crown Security are at the forefront of ducted vacuum systems in Perth and will make carefully considered recommendations for the best solution to meet your domestic or commercial cleaning requirements.  Have a chat to their professional consultants on options for ducted vacuums in Perth on 08 9400 6000 or take a look at their many home solutions including vacuums, home security cameras, home alarm systems, home access control and intercom systems at

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