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One-on-one Computer Training

One-on-one Computer Training

One-on-one computer training is more efficient than group training
Are you plugged into the screen longer than you would like to be? Are you constantly hunting for passwords? Or saying no to updates, losing files or feeling totally overwhelmed and in a mess?

Are you sick of wasting time learning everything from apps to storage management, updates and backups?

With one-on-one computer training and support, you will not only save time but also fill in any learning gaps. Read here about the benefits of one-on-one remote training. 
One-on-on Computer Training and Support
Get one-on-one computer training and support with one of our qualified computer teachers on your computer working specifically on what you need. Our new service offers remote online one-on-one training via an internet link up no matter where you are in Australia or the world. With our remote training service, we will actually teach you the skills you need to know, show you how to write operation notes that you can follow, as well as providing ongoing support.
Computer Coach Australia is NDIS registered 
We work with a wide range of clients providing face to face one-on-one via a remote online service. Computer Coaches train, support and provide troubleshooting and working with people with special needs. You will develop computer literacy skills and become independently empowered. At Computer Coach Australia we know the need for one-on-one computer training having taught in classrooms for TAFE. Everyone has their own level of computer or phone training (often from untrained people or children who have no teaching skills) – so therefore we can easily assess your level of understanding and start teaching you from there. This will help ease any anxiety and learning will become easier.

Our mission is to inspire you by increasing your confidence and motivation

Many of our clients are based throughout the world and we help them to learn to use their technology in a very cost effective , efficient and convenient way.

Quickly learn how to use a computer, phone or tablet and save too

Whether you own a Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, Windows PC or tablet, professional training and support is close at hand.

In reality, having your own Computer Coach will help you to stay informed and up to speed with the constant changes in technology – this is a skill we will teach you.

Computer Coaching helps you to develops online skills
Relax, help is available for the basic to advanced user in everything computers. 

Computer Coach Australia is Sydney-based, we are a team of qualified and experienced computer trainers who provide a much needed service. You will learn to use your technology and save time.

You will gain confidence and develop the skills you need.
First, we send you our topic list or you can simply down load it here CCA Pre Session PDF Q’s 2020

From your reflection on our topic list together we create a plan based on what you want to learn. We will prioritise the foundational skills first so each week your learning is incremental. Many people today do not have the basic understanding and this can leave gaps in their learning. With the gaps it makes it difficult to learn new skills.

Together online we work through the list, explain the concept of the task, demonstrate the activity, teach you to write operational notes you can follow and then guide you to develop competence in the skill. With our professional knowledge, we become familiar with your preferred learning style and adopt our teaching methods to suit. Each time we meet, we go over what you have learnt in the previous session to ensure you have absorbed the skill.

At the end of the session, you have the option to be given an action plan of activities to practice. Likewise this gives you the opportunity to practice and take a note of any activity you may not be sure of.  Or if you really get stuck we are just a phone call away on 0407 956 071.

Client focused training
Our focus is on the client, we are people people not computer people. This means we connect with you on a personal level, where you are at. We understand what your needs are and we help you to achieve this using the software. You will learn how to get the most out of your technology, save time, money and frustration. We work with clients such as:-

Business owners and employees

Start ups

NDIS participants



English Second Language
Our Computer Coaches have extensive business and computer experience

Business, people and computer skills are our speciality and we work with groups and individuals in all aspects of computer software. From banking to creating and using a website,  and Microsoft programs and emailing.

At Computer Coach Australia, we see the need for one-on-one computer training. With this in mind, we start at your level and work with the technology you use. There are many operating systems, storage options, apps and versions. Every client is at their own level of understanding. Furthermore, everyone has their own learning style and specific needs.

Every computer has a unique set up just like you

How On-on-One Computer Training Can Help You
For one thing, you will save time and money learning foundational skills and become more efficient online.   Our experience in computer training, support and troubleshooting has taught us that everyone has special needs and unique way of learning. With professional training, any blockages in using technology will be removed. Not only that, but your confidence will grow. This requires one-on-one computer training, not just talking to someone who knows a bit about computers.

Computers can be complex and temperamental. If you wish to get one-on-one computer training, contact us without delay. 

Phone Number: 0407 956 071


You can also drop us a note below, we would love to hear from you.

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