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Plain Wallpaper

Plain Wallpaper

The Perks Of Having Wallpaper

Whether it’s the DIY route you’re going for or even if you’re actually the DFY type, painting and hanging wallpaper each have their distinct set of pros and cons. Each procedure has variable outcomes depending on the instances and methods of application. What remains constant is the fact that you have walls to cover and surfaces to liven up.

The average lifespan of a wallpaper installation may take up to 15 years. This of course depends on factors that affect the conditions where the wallpaper is directly installed. Weather is one of the factors that greatly affect the appearance and condition of your wallpaper. Highly humid, dry or arid areas of residency might offer a shorter period of replacement for your wallpaper.

On the other hand, painted interior surfaces offer only up to 10 years of glamour in totality right before the fade out. This also largely depends on the surface preparation done for the walls, if it was done right or professionally applied. Most DIY painting projects done on weekends suffer a shorter span of at least up to 5 years, time enough for another weekend DIY painting adventure.

Wallpaper is highly customizable. New generation prints offer more style and flair for the ultra modern individual, from high gloss finishes, extruded textures, futuristic patterns, the colors that blend with each wallpaper roll are now future proofed.

Installation comes easy and can be done the DIY route, with less trouble and now efficiently error free, wallpapers now come with self adhesive tech that reduces the use of glue or any messy brush applied adhesives. Where paints fail to capture the momentum of the DIY weekend warrior, wallpapers exceed expectations.

Paint leaves a residual smell, no matter how manufacturers claim otherwise. You just can’t simply paint over a surface directly, you have to follow procedures like proper surface preparations. Or if you ever decide on painting over an old painted surface, you still have to go to the trouble of scraping away the existing paint before any real action begins. As far as patterns go, you’d have to be an artist by heart to achieve a certain color blend or just to have that retro vibe accent on those four walls.

Is Wallpaper Worthy Enough To Be On Your Walls?

You bet your 2 cents it is. It’s aesthetically pleasing, popular and trendy, and it transcends style eras from Victorian to vintage art deco, to simple nursery room prints to classy mural types, the versatility of wallpaper is spellbinding. Cost efficient, easy to apply, and basically hassle free to install, hanging wallpaper on your surface of choice can quicken your sprucing up and styling adventures over any weekend.

If you prefer to keep your hands clean, you can easily have professionals do it for you. It’s not rocket science, just choose the pattern you want and decide when you want to have it hanged or applied in your home interior.

So, what’s not to like about wallpaper?