Popup Media’s EOFY Sale Offers Cost Effective Options for Marketing Ideas

Popup Media’s EOFY Sale Offers Cost Effective Options for Marketing Ideas

Popup Media, announced that the company is conducting an end of financial year (EOFY) sale, providing businesses in any industry to add a media background to their marketing campaigns at cost effective pricing.

The Popup Media sale offers businesses and organizations of all sizes and budgets to incorporate a media background into their marketing endeavors at prices that are reasonable and provide a greater return on investment. They’re an ideal solution for online and offline marketing campaigns, trades shows, fundraising efforts, and for pop up advertising opportunities. They’re equally effective for conferences, exhibitions, product launches, and celebrity endorsements.

Media walls Sydney at the EOFY sale are available in multiple sizes to accommodate a myriad of needs. The following media walls are on sale:

• 2m wide x 2.3m high to accommodate two people, $785 AUD

• 2.4m wide by 2.3m high for 2-3 individuals, $825, AUD

• 3m wide by 2.3 high to frame 3-5 to five people, $895 AUD

• 3m wide by 2.3m high arc curved media wall for 3-5 subjects, $895 AUD

• 6m wide by 2.3m high for 6-8 people, $1,375 AUD

A media wall has become an essential tool for businesses and organizations that want to stand out from their competitors. They can be customized in multiple ways with logos, brand names, photos, and other high-resolution graphics. The company’s designers can assist clients with free artwork for their media wall if they’re not sure what they want.

A pop up media wall has a variety of benefits. They’re lightweight, come in their own carrying bag, and are easy to set up with a minimal number of people. They’re easily stored, making them an excellent choice for recurring and annual events or campaigns.

The EOFY sale at Popup Media provides businesses, organizations and even academic institutions with a cost effective solution for designing marketing campaigns, bringing awareness to issues, and attracting new clients. A Popup media wall enables a greater range of creativity, engages audiences, and provides additional opportunities.

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Popup Media is a Sydney-based company specializing in production of media backdrop & media wall Perth for all events and occasions. Our focus is on details and our talented team of creatives will assist you select and design the right solution for your event. Our products are functional, reusable, high-quality and feature modern design. Our products are versatile, portable, lightweight and easy to set up. The entire system is sturdy and fits in a handy aesthetic carry bag.

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