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Share the passion

Share the passion

Passionate About Inspiring Others

We all know receiving positive feedback is welcome. Nothing beats the smile on the face of a satisfied customer, and words such as these; 

"I can't thank you enough for your prompt and professional service. I am very pleased with your work.

And this from another client;

"I've recommended you to some friends of mine. If there's anything else I need in the way of resumes or cover letters, you'll be the first one I call.

And another;

"Too good! How did you do it? I really thank you for the urgency you put into this project. Awesome!


Having spent twenty years in consumer finance, I'd read countless e-mails, policy documents and, yes, resumes and cover letters, that just didn't cut it. There was something missing. What was it, I asked myself?  


It was the passion to build and construct success.


We all have a special talent of one kind or another. Sitting behind that desk writing policy documents and lending manuals, I realised mine was writing. And that's where it all began.

I knew there were people out there struggling to find the right job. They just needed help moving from being a job applicant to a member of staff.

Now I was able to put my professional background together with my writing skills to do just that. The stories one hears about the success of those whom The CV Centre has assisted fills me with a sense of satisfaction that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Contact us today and I'll assist you in making your words jump off the page and into the minds of prospective employers.



Based on the northern outskirts of the Gold Coast The CV Centre is able to assist those looking for work Australia-wide. South-East Queensland has a 'can-do' attitude that entices activity and here at The CV Centre we entice that same success. Whether it's the construction industry, real estate, tourism, administration, an apprenticeship or a Government position,

we are able to assist you with the words and the format that'll make your resume and cover letter appealing.

The CV Centre also offers other services specified elsewhere in this website, such as career coaching and proof-reading, spelling and grammar services. Make use of these for yourselves or your children and make that policy document, essay or assignment catches the eye of the boss or the teacher.


  • Your first cover letter is FREE if completed along with a resume

  • Jump into Spring with a 10% discount on standard prices 

  • Prices range from $89* for your first resume and cover letter. 

  • Check out our prices on our website for multiple cover letters or even multiple resumes, if required.

  • Make contact for an Obligation-free quote for your specific requirements

*based on Spring discount price(s)

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