Environmental sustainability has become a major requirement for the 21st century and is now translating into office design. And there is good reason that going ‘green’ in the office equates to quantifiable efficiencies and benefits for businesses as well as giving Mother Nature a helping hand.

Promoting environmental leadership to your customers, staff and stakeholders will improve your brand and corporate image. The key is to create an office design that is high-performing, best practice and sustainable.


Become more energy efficient

  • Reduce the need to turn on office lights during the day by selecting wall paint in a lighter colour such as cream or white
  • Install LED lights, which last up to ten times longer. An added bonus here is LED also reduces heat build-up so air-conditioning costs are reduced
  • Light zoning and light sensors are also good proactive measures in reducing unnecessary electricity usage.
  • Make the most of natural light with wide glass windows. Installation of blinds and awnings help reduce heat load and glare for those hotter days.


Recycle and reuse

Designing a more sustainable office gives you the opportunity to look at your current office furniture and see which items can be kept or just updated. Using some features or furnishings in a different area of your office can create a new look as well as reduce the waste produced by an update. Bowen Interiors also helps clients meet sustainability goals by removing excess and obsolete furniture and recycling these items.

Green appliances

Investing in newer appliances also makes good sustainable sense.  Appliances which feature a higher star rating may be more expensive in the short term, but will equate to savings for the company’s bottom line in the long term. Did you know that laptops use 20 per cent LESS energy than desktop computers? These are significant savings which can be reinvested elsewhere in the company.

Good ventilation counts

Cross ventilation in an open workspace with shared meeting rooms and shaded windows is a must to promote air movement, and reduce energy costs. Cramped areas with closed doors are a thing of the past. By providing good ventilation, you will be improving employee wellbeing and productivity.

Positioning living green foliage throughout the new office is also a lovely touch and is a good reminder of why you are choosing sustainable options in the first place.  Just don’t forget to water them!

Making YOUR Office Sustainable

The trends listed above are a great basis for businesses who are starting to think more seriously about sustainable office design.

Bowen Interiors, a market leader in commercial fitouts and refurbishments for businesses across Australia, can design and create a workspace to best suit your needs.  Find out how Bowen Interiors can work with you from inception to delivery to get your workspace in top sustainable shape.

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