Soil Tests for Home Construction

Soil Tests for Home Construction

Soil Tests ...

What are they?
Why are they important?
Why they can have a big impact on your home construction?

Soil types are classified, as per the table below, from least to most reactive.
What does that mean? The soil moves, expands and contracts a little or a lot!

The Soil Classification is an important factor in the construction design as this is how the engineer will determine what foundation is to be used for that area and that soil type.

As soil testing is mandatory, the contractor will request a soil test on your property in the location where the home will be constructed. This will be performed by a specialised contractor that is licensed to carry out this work and interpret the data.

The good news is, if the results show that you are building your new home on soil base with minimum movement, it will help you save money, however, the costs for construction of the foundations may increase if the soil testing shows that the site is highly reactive or has moderate to high movement.

Click on the link to see the Soil Classification table on our website ( The further down the table from Soil/Site Class A, the foundation costs will increase.


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