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Sustainability Signage

Sustainability Signage


Our PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) free products are free from noxious chemicals such as dioxins which pose serious health risks and threaten the environment. 

At LJ Signs we can offer a safe, cost effective “green” alternative to PVC products suitable for any application.


Our Sustainable signage solutions can be applied to internal and external applications using 99% or 100% sustainable materials. These products are made from fully recyclable materials and can also be fully recycled as paper waste. Whether you are a small, medium, and large company looking to reduce your workplace or project carbon footprint, LJ Signs can work with you in providing the right sustainable solution for your project.

Sustainable (Green) signage is something we are passionate about. We believe products sourced from environmentally sustainable resources are an important part of the next generation signage manufacturing.

LJ Signs can work with you to lessen this impact on the environment. We all know the importance of reducing petrochemicals and chemicals in our everyday lives that are not only harmful for the environment but ourselves.

Use our environmentally sustainable products for your next campaign, promotion, construction site, festival, or sporting event.