Tattoo ink gone, but brown image of tattoo left behind!

Tattoo ink gone, but brown image of tattoo left behind!

What is PIH - Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

You might be looking down at your skin, where your tattoo used to be, and you are so disappointed, because you "think" the ink is still there?  

You can still see the exact tattoo, which instead of being the previously inked colours, is in the now browned skin that is left on the area.

This is called -Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH.

It is what can happen in many many cases and is described as discoloration of the skin that follows an inflammatory skin condition, treatment or even wound.

At Medilase you will be  consulted about the condition, and treated more carefully in order to minimize it.

Medilase, Brisbane Laser Tattoo Removal Centre, specializes in minimizing PIH resulting from over-powered lasers and treatments that may have caused this. .

What does PIH look like?

PIH aka Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation appears as the discolouring's in the images , 

It will appear on the skin after the scab or inflammation has healed and you may see a slightly elevated or even flattish area on the skin where that inflammation was.  Call it a “macule” if you wish.

The colours of PIH can range from pink to purple and mostly browns and the severity will depend upon your skin and genetic background 

At Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane we specialize in the minimization and reduction  of this effect.

Upon examination you will be able  to undergo micro-needling which is preparatory your tattoo laser treatment, or simply to have a minimization treatment if you have this residual issue.  .  

Oh Dear, Why me?

If you might wish to view a Fitzpatrick Skin Type chart, and you are matched with Types 1 and 2, you may miss out on this effect.  If however, you are matched with Types 3,  4, and 5 the likelihood is that some overproduction of melanin might take place. 

It is explained as pigment producing cells over- producing the melanin, which is responsible for your skin colour. 

Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane, cares about you, and your healing is of prime importance. 


Will it fade? Is it a scar?

Time is a great healer, it may take a year or longer and might need a wee bit of help along the way.  

No, not a scar thank goodness and it is termed as "pseudo scarring" - it has not damaged the follicular cells. 

What does it cost a Medilase to have an assessment and treatment plan?  FREE CONSULTATION 

A treatment plan will be developed over your specific issues and we can move ahead from there. 

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