The DIY Mattress Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

The DIY Mattress Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

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Normally, people spend most of their time on the mattress, maybe while working, sleeping, relaxing or just simply laying. The dirty mattress is always dangerous for the person who is laying on it. The dirty mattress can easily create various dangerous health hazards. Therefore it is always very important to clean the mattress on regular basis to stay healthy and hygiene. 

It is best to clean the mattress twice or thrice in one year on your own and call the professional Mattress Cleaning company once in a year to clean your mattress. Following the DIY Mattress Cleaning is more like professional maintenance and it will keep your mattress smelling fresh and free from dirt and dust for long days.

How to Clean Your Mattress

 Mattress Cleaning Melbourne is very important for every homeowner, this is a very demanding task. Depending on the contamination you must choose the cleaning plan. 

Prepare The Mattress Cleaning Powder

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Preparing the mattress cleaning powder is very easy, just by using the simple household items you can prepare the effective mattress cleaning powder or solution. To prepare the powder you will need 

  • Jar or container with a lid

  • Shaker Lid

  • Baking soda 1 cup

  • Few drops of your essential oil

  • Vacuum cleaner

Take the jar and add all the items one by one and close the jar tightly and shake it well. Make sure all the items in the jar are mixed well. Now spray the mattress with the cleaning powder. 

How to Apply the DIY Mattress Cleaning Powder

Remove the bed sheets from the mattress and put the covers in the washing machine for washing. Now take the mattress cleaning powder and spread the mixture throughout your bed leave the mixture to sit on the mattress for several hours. Even you can use the soft bristle brush and scrub the mattress gently from the top to bottom. Finally vacuum the mattress thoroughly, with help of angled attachment as it will completely suck the powder on the mattress. 

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How to Remove The Urine Stains From The Mattress

If you have kids or pets in your home, urine stains on the mattress are more common. You must clean both the urine stain and odor from the mattress for that you need:

  • Vinegar

  • Baking soda

  • Paper towel 

  • Spray bottle

Fill the spray bottle with the pee cleaning solution and spray on the urine stain. Take little care while spraying, the area should be damp with the solution but not over soak. Allow the solution to sit on the urine stains for ten to fifteen minutes. This is a very important time for the vinegar to show its magic. 

Now place the paper towel on the vinegar and soak them as much as you can. Now your mattress is ready for the next step. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the mattress and leave it for 3 to 4 hours. Vacuum the baking soda thoroughly to eliminate the bad odor. 

Professional Cleaning

It is always best to have your mattress cleaned professionally once in a year. Mattress Cleaning Professional guidance will completely eliminate all the harmful particles and pathogens from the mattress. clean your mattress on a regular basis and stay healthy and hygiene. 

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