The Four Quadrants of Trade Show Selling

The Four Quadrants of Trade Show Selling

While SEO and internet marketing is the most cost effective form of advertising a small business or an SME can do (due to everybody in the 21st century searching for what they want and where they want it, via Google) it cannot make up the entirety of your marketing strategy. As risk must, by necessity, be amortized across a variety of advertising mediums.

What these additional advertising mediums are, will depend on the industry you’re in. For some companies an advert in the local paper might still work. For others, putting fridge magnets into local letterboxes might bring a great return. For other still, TV or radio might be the ticket. But when it comes to face to face marketing, the best return on investment by far can be found by exhibiting at an industry specific trade show.

Visitors to trade shows are qualified business professionals who have taken time out of their busy schedules to come to a venue specifically to review the latest products and services pertinent to their company. Which means that when they’re standing in front of your trade show booth…they’re ALREADY A WARM LEAD.

The challenge of course is how to get them to your trade show booth in the first place…


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