The life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy
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The life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy

The life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy

With the silly season almost upon us, are you trying to lose a bit of weight? Are your thoughts along the lines of ‘Well, I was good, but I’ve not got any willpower’?

Dealing with weight management issues and trying to maintain a healthy diet can be difficult. So many people give up after a week or two and they cite so many reasons which are, in reality, an all-too-handy convenience to go back to the old ways of overeating.

Snacking is a real issue for many people. And, like so many other things we are told we shouldn’t do, it’s a habit. If you’re really serious about wanting to lose weight then it’s an unwanted habit.

Hypnotherapy can help replace your unwanted habits with healthier ones. And the great thing is, you are in charge! You are fully awake, completely in control. All you have to do is sit back and listen to me putting suggestions to your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, calm process which can bring about the necessary behavioural changes to help you achieve your goals.

One of my clients has lost nearly 10 kilos in just 4 months. He told me he loves the hypnotherapy process and has now cut out snacking on chips, chocolate and bread rolls.

The number of sessions depends on each individual. Many of my clients have stopped their unwanted habits after just four sessions. And think how much slimmer, healthier and fitter you will feel. As well as the money saved by no longer buying ‘snacking’ food!

It’s not only weight loss that hypnotherapy can help with. It can help you quit smoking and deal with other addictions. One of my clients told me he has tried everything from champix, Zyban, laser therapy, nicotine gum, to patches to going cold turkey. Nothing worked – until hypnotherapy.

Now, there can be many reasons why you smoke. And you may think nothing works and you’ll never be able to give up the ciggies. However, once an assessment has been made – and, crucially, you really want to give up smoking, one session may be all you need.

Someone smoking just 17 cigarettes a day can spend an astonishing $7800 a year on tobacco. Think what you could do with that money? And you’ll be healthier to boot! One session of smoking cessation hypnotherapy and it’s a method that works!
Hypnotherapy can also help people who have anxiety. Anxious feelings can in some cases be accompanied by acute stress, physical symptoms or panic attacks.

Although anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations – family concerns, pressure of work etc. – its impact on your day-to-day living can become severe and the effect on the quality of life overwhelming. Hypnotherapy can help you reduce anxiety and reduce the stress in your life.
Okay, you’re keen to find out more. So, what should you do?

If you interested in losing weight, stopping smoking, reducing anxiety or have a phobia such as a fear of spiders, mice, insects, dogs or cats – or you have a fear of flying – take the first step to changing your life by contacting me today, just call 1300 114 557 and ask for me, Michael a clinically trained hypnotherapist.

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