Things Busy Mums Can Do To Reduce Their Cleaning Time
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Things Busy Mums Can Do To Reduce Their Cleaning Time

So Mums, What Can You  Do?

No one knows just how busy mums are, than mums themselves! However, a mums' work is never done...So, with this in mind, consider these 5 things that can reduce the cleaning time for a busy mum:
  • The first thing is to make your cleaning time manageable. What this means is do a little often. Not only will the time be allocated better in regard to priorities, it will feel so much more manageable!
  • Use Music....few things motivate as much as music, so get the stereo up to your favourite tunes, the time will literally fly by!
  • Use the Kids....Have you ever tried to clean with kids under your feet? It's a n near impossibility! However, if you involve them with a simple task, they will feel involved, important, and less likely to try to distract you!
  • Spray it Around!...In between visits by your local window cleaning provider in Perth, use a little spray and wipe, it won't clean the whole window, but it will remove any glaringly obvious blemishes.
  • Reward Yourself....It's important to have a reward, it's something to look forward to for all your hard work. To that end, schedule a hot bath and glass of champers for when you deserve it!
  • So there you have it, these 5 speed cleaning tips for busy mums will help you get on top of the cleaning, and make life so much more enjoyable!

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