Tips on Buying Waterproof Shade Sails for Patios

Tips on Buying Waterproof Shade Sails for Patios

With all the available options to choose from, the seemingly simple task of choosing a shade sail on the Gold Coast can turn out to be quite daunting. Waterproof shade sails, in particular, are a widely popular choice among residents on the Gold Coast. But what are the key considerations when buying one?

Ideal for Patio and Pool

Waterproof shade sails present a perfect choice for patios and pools if you want to prevent much of the rainwater going into the pool or your patio furnishings. Waterproof fabric is also known to be resistant to mildew as well as to pool chemicals like chlorine.


When it comes to waterproof shade sails, triangular designs are the common preference. However, this variety gives little shade in comparison to the square shaped ones. Consider, checking out the irregular designs and don’t be afraid to go for the unconventional. They almost always turn out to be the most satisfying and appealing.


Check the construction and materials used. Consider investing in a shade sail with marine grade thread and perimeter wire and rigging as these are known to be more durable and can last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance and care.

Waterproof Shade Sails Installation

Shade sails are boot designed as a flat plane but as a 3-dimensional pattern with the complimentary highs and low points. It is critical that they are stretched into place and firmly installed by professional shade sail installers. Choose an experienced provider that specialise in the installation of shade sails like Hunter Canvas & Shade. Not only will this ensure you get the most of your design aesthetics but more importantly, you can ensure longevity and security. After all, a shade sail is a considerable investment, it is best to make sure you enjoy both form and function for an extended period of time.

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