Top 20 Ways to Get Google’s Panda to Love Your Content – The Definitive Panda Proof SEO Guide

Top 20 Ways to Get Google’s Panda to Love Your Content – The Definitive Panda Proof SEO Guide

A History of Google's Panda Algorithm

It seems like only yesterday that the High Lords of Google, in their infinite wisdom, released Panda on an unsuspecting world. But in reality Panda has been roaming free in the wilds of the internet jungle and mauling websites for several years (since February 2011 in fact). And, while many website owners (and a lot of SEO companies) would no doubt disagree, I for one applaud every new Panda update that Google releases, and damn near stand up and dance a jig every time it rolls out.

"Why?" I hear the people in the cheap seats cry! Doesn't Panda make the job of an SEO copywriter or an SEO company that much harder, and cause you to wail and gnash your teeth every time Google announce a new Panda update?

Err...well, no actually. No it doesn't. Because for a specialist SEO guy / SEO copywriter like me - and I hasten to add: FOR SMALL BUSINESS AND SME OWNERS LIKE YOU - Panda is actually a Godsend.

Google's Panda Update Explained – The Layman’s Version

"Panda is a Google algorithm designed for the express purpose of 
analysing and categorizing the value of on-page website content.''

In English this means that if Panda thinks you have GOOD content on a particular topic on a page on your website, that particular page of content will have a higher SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) when somebody searches for that subject in Google. And if Panda thinks your website has BAD or ‘thin’ content on the particular topic being searched for, that page will have a lower SERP. Sounds simple? That's because, if you're doing a top-level view of how Panda works, it actually is. People (as in human beings) value and want to read good quality, original content on the internet. People (as in human beings) value and want to have an enjoyable and rewarding interaction with the websites they visit. Panda exists to help people find this good quality original content by giving it a higher SERP. And, conversely, by burying bad quality content, thus making it much harder for anyone to locate it. The more ‘good’ content you have on your website, the higher your website SERP in your particular business vertical or niche...


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