Top 5 Best Burglar Deterrents To Keep Thieves Away From Your Property

Top 5 Best Burglar Deterrents To Keep Thieves Away From Your Property

To you and your loved ones, your home is a place of security and sanctuary. But for burglars, your home is an opportunity. They are always looking for a chance to break in. And since burglary is mainly an opportunity crime, there are some things you can do to prevent thieves coming into your home or business when you are not in. So next time you are out on a business trip or a vacation, you might want to put these burglar deterrents in place.

1. Grade A Window and Door Locks

Research shows that burglars get into a home through windows or doors. This is why it’s important that apart from ensuring that your doors and windows are always locked, you need to also see to it that they are properly secured. Using windows and doors with no proper locks is tantamount to giving burglars a free pass into your home or business premise. And you don’t necessarily need to buy new doors and windows. You can replace the locks with better and more secure ones.

2. Intelligent Internal and external lighting

The presence of outdoor and indoor security lighting with motion sensors is an excellent deterrent to burglars. These should form a critical part of your security arsenal. Remote sensors will automatically light up the dark areas. They brightly illuminate a whole area around your home or business. Any burglar will tell you that light is that there is nothing they hate more than light when going about their work.

The advantage of these lights is that they can serve other purposes apart from security illuminations. You can use these lights to create a comfortable and cozy outdoor space to entertain your guests and friends.

3. Use Smart Locks on your Front Door

Research shows that most burglars enter the home through the front door. This is because the front door is relatively easy to access for most thieves. Because most burglars just want to come, steal and then leave hurriedly, a door that can be kicked open or an unlocked one represents the best gift to further their cause.

Apart from ensuring that you keep your door securely locked at all times, you should also consider installing smart locks. These locks are impossible to pick. Since these doors do not need traditional keys to operate, there is no chance that your house keys can get into the wrong hands.

You can operate smart locks remotely via your smartphone or computer. These locks can also send a text alert when someone tries to gain entry into your home or business using your code.

4. Guard Dog

Not many opportunistic burglars will hang around if they hear a vicious sound of a barking dog. You could even consider putting up a “Beware of the Dog” stickers or signs in places that are visible.

But you mustn’t have a real dog. You can always buy a “dog alarm”. The concept of a dog alarm might sound comical, but it can serve as a great deterrent to burglars. Some dog alarms are lifelike and can be incredibly effective. Most of them come with in-built 360-degree motion sensors. Most of them can even detect movement through walls of buildings. This means that as soon as the dog alarm hears approaching footsteps, it will go off. This is a natural behavior of a territorial hound.

5. Security cameras with motion sensors

Outdoor surveillance cameras with motion detectors have undergone massive development in the recent past. Not only are they weather-proof but also have motion sensors. The good thing is that even the best cameras are quite affordable. But take care not to upset your neighbours by filming them.

Many security cameras also offer a monitoring service. They also have alarm and light system input/outputs. Most of the modern cameras are wireless and feature monitoring software.

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