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Traffic Charges and Licence Appeals

Traffic offences, although they seem minor in nature, can often leave people on the wrong side of the legal system. They affect almost everyone, and in some cases the effects can be serious and damaging, giving rise to convictions, fines or licence disqualifications.

Queensland’s road rules apply under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 and the Road Rules Regulations made under that Act. Penalties vary markedly depending on the offence involved. Minor offences, like simple speeding offences, carry a small fine while others, like driving while disqualified, can carry substantial penalties including fines, lengthy periods of disqualification from holding a driving licence and sometimes even jail time.

While most people are broadly acquainted with the system of traffic penalties, the rules in this area of law are constantly changing, and navigation around the penalties for these offences can be confusing to even the most intellectual. The Osborne Butler Lawyers are dedicated to ensuring they are up to date with all traffic laws and legislation to ensure you receive the best possible result for your matter.

Osborne Butler Lawyers - Lawyers In Cairns City
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