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Vision Eye Health

Vision Eye Health

Vision Eye Health

Healthy eyesight is something that everyone deserves. To ensure your vision is well looked after, you need to partner with an optometrist that cares about you and offers you affordably priced, yet personalised, quality services. You can find this when you visit Vision Eye Health. Situated on the Gold Coast, we have been offering optometrist and vision healthcare solutions to the local community over the past 40 years.

Independently Run, With Decades Of Experience

At Vision Eye Health, our optometrists and optical dispensers are fully qualified medical professionals with over 40 years experience. We provide every patient with high-quality vision correction services using the best technology available, by making sure we keep up with technological and medical advancements, for your benefit.

As an independent business, we have the freedom to find eyewear products from a variety of sources around Australia. We look for the best designs, and advanced technology processes. Your comfort, style and clarity of vision are essential, so we’ll readily go the extra mile. This means you can enjoy quality eyecare and stand out from the crowd.

Personalised Eyecare Solutions

We start every new patient with an eye examination. Each person is different, and we’re not in the business of just correcting vision. We’re in the business of life enhancement, so our understanding of your medical history is essential. During eye examinations, we check for issues at the macula, for glaucoma and diabetes, among others. Further testing is performed if required, such as optic nerve function tests, OCT scans, peripheral vision scans and retinal photography.

We believe that seeing well and looking good go hand in hand. Our eyewear and accessories cover a variety of fashions and well-known brands, being high-quality, durable and affordable. We want our patients to walk out of our practices feeling free to live their lives without worrying about the integrity of their eyewear or if it will perform as expected. We also want you to know you’ve chosen a style that is trendy– with the design, colour and brand perfectly suited to your personality.

At Vision Eye Health, we pride ourselves on providing professional medical services to the locals of the Gold Coast and surrounds. We take extra care in all aspects of the job – from examinations to eyewear. For professional, and personal optometrists who want you to look and feel good with your best vision, contact Vision Eye Health today.