What We Learn From The Google Update

What We Learn From The Google Update

The Latest Google Update has changed the ball park substantially, with many brand names experiencing decreased(or increased) traffic.

Particularly hard hit were the YMYL sites. What does that stand for? YM stands for :Your Money, and YL stands for Your Life. What this means is that sites that offered advice on money, nutrition of lifestyle, but lacked the credentials to be qualified to give that advice, were effectively demoted by Google.

But how can this update be navigated around? Basically, the old 'Content is King' mantra is what each site owner needs to focus on. Offering poor, or unqualified advice just won't cut it anymore. As time goes on, Google is tightening the noose around the necks of these blogs and sites.

For website owners, focus less on volume of posts or material, and more on producing quality content, even if that means only one post a month, so be it! 

In addition, if you have any qualifications that can be used in an 'author' capacity, these should be also name on the site in order to establish credibility.

So, what happens if you do notice a big drop in rankings? Don't Panic! Check over the content and see if there are any glaring pages that seem to lack authority, or quality. At this point, you can either attempt to make changes yourself, or contact an SEO service that can help you improve your content.

Well, it may be the case that after this Google update, you may want to shoot a penguin on site, however, don't give in, move with what Google requires and you will soon regain the lost rankings. It might, in fact, lead to a higher ranking if your competitors are not able to adjust to the latest search engine machinations.


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