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Where I can buy Wallpaper in Melbourne

Where I can buy Wallpaper in Melbourne

Decorate your home or business property with our unparalleled selection of high quality wallpaper collections.
Sought-after in Melbourne, our quality services have been trusted by a lot of property owners, whether residential or commercial. Our products are from top-notched manufacturers worldwide.

Bedeck your walls and let your imagination run wild with our exquisite high quality wallpaper collection!

Aside from being decorative, wallpapers can also be practical. Unlike paint, wallpaper is coated one time and is both easy to clean and durable. It can also hide damages on walls better than paint. Also with paint, when you wipe or scrub it many times, it will fade. This goes to say that wallpapers are more long-lasting.

It’s easy to install wallpapers, too! You just have to paste it on the wall and if you want to remove it, you can peel it off easily without needing to scrape it.

For Commercial Use

If you want to enhance your workspace, we have wallpapers for commercial settings. Retail stores, business offices, schools, and hotels are just some of the areas we cover. We have an extensive set of wallcovering options which comply with specific performance standards.

Get in touch so that we can discuss further your needs.

Versatile designs you can choose from
We have an endless variety of decorative options. Our range of colours, textures, and patterns can change the overall look and feel of your room. Modern, elegant, earthy, or minimalistic, the creative possibilities are endless! You can match our wallpaper with the aesthetic of your property.

Pattern And Texture

Wallpapers can create the illusion of making your room space wider or longer. Depending on colour or pattern, it can also influence emotions and ambience. For example, if you have a textured wallpaper with a darker hue like midnight blue, it can emit a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to create an atmosphere of luxury and opulence, the Grasscloth wallpaper is the best way to go.

Industrial Wallpaper

One way of adding a fresh appearance to your space is by going for an industrial aesthetic. We offer faux concrete, wood, stone and metal. No need to spend on actual raw materials when you can create an illusion!

This is the perfect choice if you’re going for the chic, on-trend, and edgy industrial look.

Wallpaper Melbourne has a wide range of industrial styles you can choose from.

How To Save Money On Wallpaper

There are lots of wallpaper styles online that are trending and you just get caught in those thousands of creative options. You’ve made the decision to actually invest on one. Having wallpaper in itself saves you a lot of money. Paint and other raw materials like bricks or metal cost more than wallpaper. But we still listed down a few things that can help you save even when you’re opting for a wallpaper.